Drone films ‘Ghost Knight’ horse riding at a historic English castle

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A man in England has reportedly captured a video using a drone of a ghost named the Ghost Knight riding around on his horse at a historic English castle.

Man Was Testing Drone When It Strangely Malfunctioned Capturing Ghost

Thomas Arnold said that he had purchased a new drone and had been testing the drone in the Gloucestershire countryside close to the Berkeley Castle. While he was flying the drone, he said that the controls lost contact with the drone for around ten seconds and at this point, Arnold engaged the emergency response to bring the drone back to him.

Arnold did not think much about the technical issue with the drone at the time, until later that day when he looked at the footage captured and found something that could not be explained.

Arnold went on to say that the drone captured what seems to be a white figure that was moving around the courtyard swiftly. Arnold said that there were no chimneys within the region or close by that might have produced smoke and no wind that could have caused the oddity seen in the video. This has brought Arnold to the conclusion that what the drone captured on film was a genuine ghost.

As the location he was filming was a castle Arnold concluded that what he had captured was the spirit of a horseman, and more likely that of a knight. Some people have been more skeptical about the video and claim that what is seen could have been caused by a technical malfunction on the camera when the drone disconnected from the controls.

Video Shows Ghostly Apparition, or Does It?
The video starts with any normal aerial video, showing the castle from up high. However, when the camera gets closer to the castle and the forecourt of the castle can be seen, a ghostly figure seems to appear and looks as though it may be on horseback galloping across the courtyard. Was it caused by a mechanical fault, or is this the ghost of a knight riding through the courtyard?

Berkeley Castle is the ancient fortress home of the Berkeley family and it has been their home since ancestor, Robert Fitzharding, built the castle during the late 12th century. It is said to be one of the most remarkable castles in Britain thanks to its history and is open to the public.

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