We Never Meet Anyone By Coincidence: The Six Types Of Cosmic Connections

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They say that things happen for a reason in life and that no one that we meet is ever an accident. Everything in life has a meaning and leads us to where we need to be in life. People we meet show us things and can start a chain reaction in our lives much like the butterfly effect.

1.) Everyone Who Enters Are Lives Teaches Us Something

All the people we meet who comes into our lives teach us something, and we learn from them on many different levels. Some people might come into our lives and try to tear people apart while others grow with you and make you a better or stronger person. There are six different types of cosmic connections with people, and they are listed below.

2.) People Who Come Into Your Life to Remind You

Some people come into our lives to remind about something that is important. These people have the ability to be able to evoke knowledge from deep inside and give help in understanding what is happening. People such as this come into a person’s life at their time of need and thanks to them we are able to better understand the person we are and who we are supposed to be.

3.) People Who Help Others Grow

Some people come into our lives to help others grow, and they are teachers of the soul. They help a person to become better versions of themselves and are always there when they are needed most.

4.) People Who Are There to Stay

Some people come into the lives of others and then go on to remain a part of their life forever. These people tend to be support systems to rely on at times when they are most needed. The bond with these people is usually very strong, in fact much stronger than someone might imagine.

5.) People Who Hold Space

Some people venture into the lives of others for only a moment in time. These are people who only pass by in your life, but even though you only briefly meet, you feel less alone. You might only manage to share just a few words with these people or perhaps only just give them a glance. However, these people are able to affect your life when you need it the most.

6.) People Who Are Meant To Leave

Some people come into our lives, but they are not meant to remain in our lives for very long. People such as these are sent to you to learn from them. However, bear in mind that the experience you need to learn may not be a positive one. People such as these include those who come into your life and make you fall in love with them and they then go on to break your heart.

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