This Is Why Mosquitoes Sting Some People and Don’t Touch Others

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Scientists have discovered a number of surprising reasons which could make some people so attractive to nasty biting bugs such as mosquitos and some of what they have discovered could help these people avoid the irritation of a bug bite in the future.

Mosquitos Prefer Heavy Breathers
Firstly, exercising outside in the hot weather is a serious no-go for those people seeking to avoid mosquitoes. The insects are very attracted to heavy breathers, specifically, the amount of carbon dioxide that they inhale. They are also very interested in lactic acid which is given out during exercise and which settles as sweat on the outside of the body.

This makes people particular targets for mosquitos during exercise such as a quick jog around the block. It also appears that mosquitoes are more attracted to stale sweat than fresh sweat and therefore it is a good idea not to let the aftereffects of an exercise routine linger if the insects are buzzing about.

Mosquitos Are Obsessed With Drinkers
It is also a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol outside. Increased ethanol content in the sweat and the breath of a drinker is known to attract the pests.

Other things can also attract mosquitoes which are largely outside of anyone’s control. The microflora (the bacteria colony) of the human body varies widely from person to person. In some people, the mixture of bacteria is especially attractive to mosquitoes whereas the bacterial composition of other people’s microflora is repellent to them.

Unfortunately, there is a not anyone can do to change their microflora and nor can some unlucky people change their blood type which is another major factor in determining mosquito attraction. Mosquitos seem to prefer A and O blood types and leave those with AB and B types alone. The reason for this is a complete mystery.

Whichever one of these factors is contributing to making mosquitoes to a particular person, there are things that they can do to repel the nasty insects. A number of natural remedies are available including lemon and eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil, thyme leaves oil and tea tree oil. Citronella candles can also be very effective to stop mosquitoes and other annoying insects from coming inside the house.

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