Mia Khalifa Calls Police to Surrender Her Gun: ‘It Doesn’t Make Me Feel Safe Anymore’

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Gun control is now something that has people divided into the United States. With shootings in schools becoming a more frequent occurrence many people are growing concerned.

There are some people who try to stop violence by handing in weapons, but there are many people who cannot see why they should give something up they have paid money to purchase. Police officers have given up personal firearms, and now there might be the same trend by porn stars as Mia Khalifa has given up her weapon.

Khalifa Retired from Porn When She Received ISIS Death Threats
Mia Khalifa has not been under the spotlight for some time as she retired from the porn industry when she began to get ISIS death threats. She protected herself with a shotgun but following the shootings at the Santa Fe High School she called the police in Austin, Texas and told them she wanted to surrender the shotgun. Of course, as you might expect Khalifa made sure that there were plenty of photographs taken of her handing in the shotgun, along with those where she posed wearing very little.

Khalifa posted a photograph to her Instagram account shaking the hand of the police officer who arrived at her home to take possession of the shotgun. She said that the gesture was symbolic, and it was only a small gesture, but she urged people to do the same with the hashtag #DoSomething. She also gave the police a namedrop when saying that @austin_police made it easy to hand the gun in. She went on to say that anyone who wished to hand their weapon in should call the police and they will pick it up.


Khalifa Pointed Out the Gun Was Worth $1,500

Khalifa went on to say that she would donate the value of the gun, which was $1, 500 to the @everytown organization. Khalifa pointed out that she was not against the second amendment in the United States but that she was against children being killed. She said that an empty gun rack would be a small price to pay, as there are many parents out there who have to live with their child’s empty bed because of guns.

Of course, Khalifa did have to get it in that the gun was worth $1,500 and this has left many people saying that she did it only for publicity. Khalifa said that originally she had bought the weapon when she started to get ISIS death threats when she had performed wearing a hijab. She has been retired from the porn industry for a long time, and this has left people confused about the stance she has made.

Why did she only now decide to give up her weapon? Of course, there is a lot of publicity going around about the recent high school shooting, so it looks like she is jumping on the bandwagon.

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