How old are we?

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With the modern world being unsure about our origins, quite a few items have been unearthed offer proof of advanced civilisations – it’s more than just 12,000 years that a monument in Turkey suggests and older than the Pyramids. This video blows the 200, 000 years of humans out of the window.

The London Hammer was found encased in rock. It’s iron head (above 90% pure iron) was carbon dated at being 500 million years old and too pure to be made without advanced technology. The rock that encased the hammer was 400 million years old. The wooden handle had already started to turn coal (a process that takes a minimum of 30 MILLION years)!

500 million years takes us back to the cretaceous period which invariably means that yes, man walked with dinosaurs!

OK, probably not with them as in right beside them. Nom nom!


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