Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Psy-Operation Plan Class-Action Suit

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The families and survivors who were affected by the CIA’s MK-Ultra brainwashing experiments are getting ready for taking out a class-action lawsuit against the government and Quebec.

The Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse Is Made Up Of Victims and Family
One survivor, Gina Blasbalg, demanded the government to make an apology and asked that they recognize the injustice that had been done to those who were subjected to the experiments, without their knowledge.

The Survivors Allied against Government Abuse, also known as SAAGA, on Facebook, is made up of family members and victims of Canadians who were subjected to the experiments. Dr. Ewen Cameron was the psychiatric director of the hospital from the 40s to the 60s.

During the duration of the program, Cameron was said to have taken part in psychic driving and de-patterning experiments with the aim of erasing the memories of the patients. The doctor even tried to reprogram the patient’s memories with new thoughts.

The Canadian Government Spent $500,000 in Funds, CIA Also Funded Project
The government in Canada funded the experiments to the tune of around $500,000 between 1950 and 1965. The CIA also gave sizeable funds to the experiments undertaken by the doctor. The Project MK-Ultra was undertaken at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. It was fronted by an organization with the name of the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology.

The patients who were experimented on were said to have health issues that were insignificant and included anxiety and depression. In some of the cases, the patients were given PCP and LSD and the doctor medically induced them into comas for periods that were extended. These patients were then subjected to listening to sounds or looped noises. The patients were also subjected to electroshock and sensory deprivation.

Ellen Aikin told about how her mother Emma Jane Crunican was one of the subjects in the experiments undertaken. She revealed a photograph of her mother on a bed and said she had been in the Sleep Therapy program in Montreal during the 1950s. Her father was also in the experiments. She went on to say that, her sister went insane in the 1980s and her brother passed away at the age of 19.

Mk-Ultra Girl Speaks Out

Patients Mother Said It Took Her Years to be Able to Read Mothers Medical Records
Angela Bardosh is the mother of Nancy Layton who was at the Allan Memorial Institute, and Bardosh had a note from her mother saying, “They destroyed many parts of me. I’m lucky to be alive.” Bardosh went on to say that, her mother was originally taken to the facility as she suffered from depression when she was a teenager.

Her mother was in the institution for six months and was a subject of the MK-Ultra program. This was where she developed schizophrenia, and it went on to ruin her life. Bardosh said that it was horrific to go back and it had been extremely emotional. Bardosh said that for her it was personal and it took numerous years for her to be able to read the medical records of her mother.

Quebec Superior Court Will Need to Give Approval for Class-action Lawsuit
The families and the survivors of the experiments of Project MK-Ultra have now grouped and revealed they will be putting forward a massive class-action lawsuit against both the federal government and Quebec. It was said “A class-action lawsuit to sue the Canadian government, maybe also the Quebec government and the Allan Memorial Institute. It would first have to be approved by the Quebec Superior Court, which could take four to six months.”

The Canadian Justice Department said that George Cooper had in 1986 made an inquiry into the MK-Ultra project run by Cameron and concluded that Canada did not have a legal liability or moral responsibility in respect of the experiments undertaken.

The Truth about the CIA MK-Ultra Project Might Finally Come Out
The CIA did put an end to the mind control program that had been kept secret during the 70s. Now it is clear that the governments in the west suppressed the information about the experiments in the program.

The class-action lawsuit could be what is needed for the truth to come out about the program and for the secrets to being finally unlocked.


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