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Ancient Alien “Study Of Earth” Found In North Carolina?

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Previously, we covered the strange, but highly intriguing Cochno stone, an extremely ancient and very large, Scottish stone, covered with some of the best, and most interesting ancient petroglyphs known in Europe.
And although we put forward the proposition of it possibly being a map of as yet, unknown star constellations, we were subsequently contacted by an independent researcher known as Sean Moriarty.

Who, with a small independent team, has been investigating the stone for quite some time. Resulting in them deciphering the enigmatic cup and ring marks as a map of all the ancient sites within the surrounding area, including some yet to be unearthed…
However, there is a little less known ancient stone, a stone which rests in North Carolina, Deep within the mountains of Jackson County, and it has baffled all but a few who have examined it.
Known as the Judaculla Rock, it is a soapstone boulder, covered with a plethora of strange petroglyphic drawings that archaeologists now believe to be over 3,000 years old.

The native Cherokee Indians consider the site sacred, and state that it’s extremely ancient. The rock has been studied by researchers from across the world, but no one was ever able to decipher the bizarre petroglyphs on the stone. Not even being able to connect them vaguely to any usual subject matter often selected for such ancient expressions. It is also cut using an unknown technique, made by an unknown people.

The stone sits at the base of a mountain that has a large vein of copper which runs under the site. With a variety of other rare metals and minerals present, this geological layout has often been used to explain the strange electromagnetic anomalies, which can be detected around the rock.
The League of Energy Materialization, and Unexplained Phenomena Research. Or Lemur for short, a team of highly qualified individuals who explore paranormal and enigmatic subjects, may have actually cracked the code.

And their research is certainly the most compelling proposition so far put forward, or quite possibly will ever be put forward.
In August of 2002, L.E.M.U.R. investigated Judaculla Rock.
Upon comparing Judaculla’s markings to microscopic forms, specifically microscopic pond life, some of which, exclusively native to the surrounding landscape, an artistic relationship becomes undeniable.

Modern academia, or indeed known history, states that man first saw microscopic creatures in September of 1674. These observations were made by Dutch scientist Anton Van Leeuwenhoek. That means humans have only known of microscopic life for less than 330 years.
If this is true who, or what could have created the Judaculla stones markings over 3000 years ago?

Was this stone made by a highly advanced ancient alien?
Was it made with the purpose of sharing their research with a local population unable of such work?
To date, the lemur theory is the only one which has been successfully corroborated elsewhere.


Source: Mystery History

5 Ancient ALIEN Mysteries that are still UNSOLVED

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5 strange UNSOLVED ancient alien mysteries, including UFO sightings, ancient astronauts, and unexplained artifacts…

5. Tulli Papyrus
The Tulli Papyrus is claimed to be a transcription of an Egyptian papyrus dating from the reign of Thutmose III. The claim originated in a 1953 article published in Doubt, the Fortean Society magazine, by Tiffany Thayer. According to Thayer, the transcription was sent to her by Boris de Rachewiltz who supposedly found the original transcription of the papyrus among papers left by Alberto Tulli, a former Vatican museum director. References to “circles of fire” or “fiery discs” allegedly contained in the translation have been interpreted in UFO and Fortean literature as evidence of ancient flying saucers.

4. Hollow Moon
The Hollow Moon hypothesis is the suggestion that the Moon is hollow, usually as a product of an alien civilization.[1][2] It is often called the Spaceship Moon hypothesis, and often corresponds with beliefs in UFOs or ancient astronauts. The suggestion of a hollow moon first appeared in science fiction, when H. G. Wells wrote about a hollow moon in his 1901 book The First Men in the Moon. The concept of hollow planets was not new; Wells borrowed from earlier fictional works that described a hollow Earth, such as the 1741 novel Niels Klim’s Underground Travels by Ludvig Holberg. Academic proposals for a hollow Earth pre-dated that. Edmond Halley’s hypotheses, advanced in 1692, was the first one to specify an actual void in the Earth.

3. Magonia is the name of the cloud realm whence felonious aerial sailors were said to have come according to the polemical treatise by Carolingian bishop Agobard of Lyon in 815, where he argues against weather magic. The treatise is titled De Grandine et Tonitruis (“On Hail and Thunder”). Magonia is featured in Jacques Vallee’s book Passport to Magonia, which explores the link between modern UFO visitations and reports from antiquity of contact with these “space beings” where he quotes Agobard’s description.

2. The Ural pictograms (Russian: уральские писаницы) are prehistoric pictograms in Ural dated to 3,000—2,000 years BC and located along the coasts of Tagil River, Neyva River, Rezh River, Yurozan River and some other sites. The color of the pictograms is different, varying from ochre, to lilac and brown, while the thickness is between 10 and 20 mm. The existence of the Ural characters was known long ago. Peter the Great in 1699 ordered the scrivener Yakov Losyov to go there and make an exact copy. Some Russian researchers now claim the pictograms represent complex chemical compounds and may have been influenced by ancient alien visitors.

1. Angel Hair
Angel hair or siliceous cotton is a sticky, fibrous substance reported in connection with UFO sightings, or manifestations of the Virgin Mary. It has been described as being like a cobweb or a jelly. It is named for its similarity to fine hair, or spider webs, and in some cases the substance has been found to be the web threads of migrating spiders. Reports of angel hair say that it disintegrates or evaporates within a short time of forming. Angel hair is an important aspect of the UFO religion Raëlism, and one theory among ufologists is that it is created from “ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field” that surrounds a UFO.


Source: Dark5 | YouTube

Ancient Spaceship Fragments Found In Oklahoma?

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Discovered by David Campbell and his wife while following up on a curious lead.
This discovery, as previously discussed, is a compelling link to waffle rock, another anomalous relic we have previously covered.
Embedded in the dirt where it struck the ground many years prior, numerous specialists have postulated that it could be a fragment of an artificial craft which disintegrated in the sky.

What was astonishing regarding David’s discovery was the similar structure of the object which they discovered, also partially buried and scattered amongst the woods.
Possibly the debris of this once enormous craft.
Created using an intricate layering design of unknown metals, minerals and alloys.

Although further studies of this compelling discovery have yet to be established, it is with understandable caution that those with knowledge of the area move forward.
It must be noted that waffle rock, once a local landmark, had attracted a flurry of attention from geologists, scientists and UF-ologists, who had begun to ponder its unique and other worldly characteristics.

That was until the United States government moved in and submerged the artefact under several metres of water, the entire town which had built up around this ancient object, were forced out to make way for a reservoir which flooded the entire area.
We have therefore, undoubtedly been compelled to research further regarding David’s amazing discovery, also due to our extensive understanding of the studies undertaken upon waffle rock, and this sites similarities with such.

And unsurprisingly, we have not been disappointed with what has been unearthed.
It seems folks have been fully aware of the unusual quote “mineral deposits” within the Oklahoma area for quite some time, it seems possible that the entire area is an ancient crash site of a once enormous alien craft.

Known as the Oklahoma mystery stones, could these unexplainable fragments have once been part of an ancient spaceship?
Found throughout Oklahoma, they are often mistaken for manmade objects, this clearly being due to their artificial appearance.
And Oklahoma is not the only place we feel there could indeed be fragments, of an ancient alien craft which crashed here on Earth.

The founder of mystery history gained access to detailed sonographic imagery, showing the bottom of the Baltic sea late last year, and now, due to the findings which were chased up by main stream media outlets in early January, several other independent investigators surrounding ocean X’s discovery, have arrived at the same suspicions…
We strongly feel, due to our research, that the Baltic sea anomaly is but a fragment of a much larger crash area which covers the sea bed.

Many other fragmentary remnants are resting nearby, waiting to be investigated further, much smaller fragments, which if successfully retrieved, could quite possibly correlate with the materials being retrieved within Oklahoma.
Could these two objects have been part of the same ancient event?
It seems while trying to solve one mystery surrounding these anomalies, you will often be confronted with several more.

Though thankfully, it seems we are one step closer to unravelling the origins of Oklahoma’s mystery stones, we are also now in possession of the whereabouts of a main debris site.
And ultimately, and maybe most importantly, we are beginning to make head way in regards to public awareness of these wonderful mysteries.


Source: Mystery History

Meet EBE, the First Captured Alien

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Introducing EBE (extra-terrestrial Biological entity), the first alien apparently captured from the UFO roswell crash which occurred in 1949.

William Cooper reveals The Secret Government; The Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) which is said to have covered up UFOs, Aliens and the JFK Assassination.

The U.S. denies existence of the MJ-12.



Source: One Click

Russian UFO Files Secrets Revealed

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An unidentified flying object, or UFO, in its most general definition, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon.

Such anomalies may later be identified, but depending on the evidence or lack of evidence, such an identification may not be possible generally leaving the anomaly unexplained.

Russian UFO Files Secrets Revealed [Full Documentary Films]

While stories of unexplained apparitions have been told since antiquity, the term “UFO” (or “UFOB”) was officially created in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF) to serve as a catch-all for all such reports. Russian UFO Files Secrets Revealed [Full Documentary Films]

It was stated that a “UFOB” was “any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object.”

As originally defined, the term was restricted to those fraction of cases which remained unidentified after investigation, with USAF interest being for potential national security reasons and/or “technical aspects.”


Source: One Click | YouTube

UFO Launched from the Core of the Moon

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I’ve seen many videos with UFOs around the Moon and Earth, but this one is greatest.

Because “the spaceship” is in the same distance, as the Moon, you can easily say that it must be at least 50km long. Body that large and that bright at this distance is easily visible and detectable by many automated observatories.

It goes with speed exceeding 500km/s , launched from the core of the Moon.

Take a look at the below video and say your personal opinion.

Source, YouTube

UFO Traffic Captured On The Moon

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There are some stupendous shots! What a travesty it takes people like you to share this.

I just feel it would’ve been in the best interest of agencies like NASA to have assumed that responsibility, above and beyond their mandate instead of all the amateurish/adolescent/immature/selfish secrecy and misdirection, or even no direction.

Two objects taking the exact same path following one another, well I don’t know about you but that kinda takes the cake on proving something intelligent is driving those vehicles.



The Canadian UFO Fragment | Proven Authentic

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Researcher Isaac Koi has published some startling yet not widely known details, regarding some unusual space debris that was found in northern Saskatchewan in 1968.

It is the largest ufo fragment ever found, and was later definitively concluded to have come from space. However, at the time the Canadian military and government could not definitively explain what it was from, and some how managed to escape the clutches of secrecy.

Also the canadian government has been in a mode of disclosure for some time anyway, making UFO documents available for decades at the Archives in Ottawa. Only recently they scanned several thousand documents and put them online.
The found space debris is one of a number of known, documented crashes of objects in Canada.

If you were a government official, how would you react to receiving an official memo with a title beginning “UFO found …”?


Source: Mystery History

Real UFO Crashes – Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Tell What Extraterrestrials Want

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Real UFO Crashes Alive Aliens Recovered Filmed & Answer What Extraterrestrials Want. Ovnis.
We all know what happened on Nine Eleven. But Do you know what happened two days prior? On Nine-Nine? Aliens came here from the future to collect evidence lost in earth calamities.

You shall know everything after seeing this amazing UFO crashes videos that you never saw before because they were highly classified. And we only can show it because of former US President Jimmy Carter provided them to us last month. Of course, some of the crashes might be meteors, satellites or man-made objects but the majority of them are out of this world, literally.
Some crashes left not only thousands of witnesses baffled but physical evidence behind. There are not only giant smoking craters like these that appeared overnight but physical parts of UFOs spaceships made from unknown on earth metal alloys found by multiple witnesses. Usually, men in black come and confiscate any parts they could ever find, but even after their raids – dozens of those alien object remained in private possessions after witnesses found them at UFO crash or hard landings sites.

Some UFO crashes like this recent one in the Pacific Ocean near California shore, you just saw were very well documented and filmed from multiple angles with different cameras. Entire shore was locked down and searched by the military. These footages are highly classified and only saw a daylight today because former US president Jimmy Carter gave us access to these incredible video files.

Bodies of several humanoids they either fished out from the Pacific Ocean or found after searching the shore. After that, aliens were transferred to Sierra Nevada mountain research facility for further study.
Several UFO crashes like this one in Colorado were filmed from start to finish and produced alive Grey alien humanoids. Greys traveled from the future to observe their evolution and collect the historical evidence. In other words, grey aliens are future humans and they do travel through time.

While reptilian aliens travel not through time but through space only. Reptilians have very different agenda. They want humans to revert to their reptilian roots rather than becoming Greys. And they do not easily crash and burn, unlike Greys. But we will show Reptilians in our other video.
Many aliens survived the spaceship crashes and were forced to run and hide until they either deployed they rescue beacons and picked up by other Greys or captured by a man in black – special paramilitary unit. There is a secret agreement between Greys and US government to return any captured Greys and keep their presence in secret


So a man in black would rather eliminate witnesses by wiping they memory rather than disclose Greys.
Grey Extraterrestrials are highly advanced compared to humans. So why do they crash and burn? The answer is: Those saucers you saw crashed are not designed to travel across the universe. They are mere cheap expendable time machines designed to make it through time. And dead aliens you saw – are not dead at all. They are just expendable bodies of the advanced alien race. They are just dolls – the same like our bodies. Movement devices that connected to global information field. Once one doll is expired they simply fill the other one. The same applies to humans, except we do not have the technology to manipulate the next doll exactly as we want to but we don’t just disappear either. Death is a human made a concept. But don’t take it from me, take it from aliens themselves.

Source: | Igor Kryan

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