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USA Was At War With UFO’s In Antarctica

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The infamous Julian Assange has made comments in the past related to the announced release of many of his controversial intelligence leaks.

He has stated that there will be U F O related materials. Recently, Wiki Leaks revealed alleged compromised Department of Defense cable communications indicating that US armed forces may be in the midst of a secret war with U F O’s.

According to the sources that were revealed, there was an all out alert issued by Air Force Space Command after the emergence of a large flotilla of airborne unidentified objects from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic. This armada of unknown objects headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico.


It is said that Julian Assange has been falsely accused of sexual assault charges by authorities in Sweden which resulted in his arrest in Great Britain. That one of his accusers, Anna Ardin, has fled and is presently in hiding, among the Palestinians, is a strong indication that the charges, according to those familiar with government tactics, is a ploy to silence Assange’s evidence.


Source: Mistery History , YouTube

New Top Secret Paper Exposes Dulce Base And C.A.R.E.T. Project

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t’s a declassified paper which you can get on CIA website from a FOIA request (Filthstep Productions International, Apr 8, 2018).

Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology (PDF) from Palo Alto, CA Research Facility.

It includes pictures of alien artifacts, anti-gravity generators, self-running, self-executed computer programs that are extremely detailed.



Very rare footage of the Belgium UFO Wave of 1989

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This clip of a flying triangular object in the Belgian skies is one of the best and rarest UFO video footage out there.

This video footage is so rare that it is hard to find on the Internet. The UFO with the 3 light was filmed during the popular UFO flap in 1989.

It is only the footage of the object with the three triangular lights that is interesting. Even the military did not know what this was. There was radar confirmation by multiple sources of these objects and outmaneuvered any human-made airplane at that time.



Underwater Extraterrestrials: Declassified Russian Navy Records Say They’re Real!

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Unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are not as famous as UFOs although they are often encountered, according to declassified Russian Navy records. The common trait of all USO phenomena is that they involve unexplained and technologically advanced objects, far superior to anything we’ve ever built.

The recently declassified documents contain Soviet era reports detailing many cases of possible USO encounters. Former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes these documents are of great value. One of the most interesting cases he examined involved a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Southern Pacific. During the routine operation, the submarine detected six unknown objects travelling in formation at speeds in excess of 230 knots (265+ mph). In comparison, the fastest submarine was the Soviet K-222, which reached about 44 knots (51 mph).

The submarine’s sonar determined the objects were heading straight for it so the captain gave the order to surface. The USOs followed them to the surface then flew away. Similar instances have been reported in the region of the Bermuda Triangle, as retired submarine commander Yuri Beketov recalls. On-board instruments often malfunctioned, indicating the presence of strong interference. Many believe this is a clear sign of USO/UFO presence.

“On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 265 mph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development”, said Beketov.

Both UFOs and USOs seem to concentrate wherever military operations occur, indicating their interest in humanity’s military arsenal.

Another USO hotspot is Lake Baikal in Russia. The world’s deepest freshwater lake has always had a certain mysterious nature and fishermen tell tales of lights being spotted in its deep waters. Multiple folk tales describe swimmers being dragged down by creatures lurking beneath Baikal’s calm waves.

Another of the Russian documents described the encounter between a group of military divers and several humanoid beings in silver suits. The divers were training in Lake Baikal at a depth of 150 feet (50 meters) when they came upon a group of unknown creatures. The divers went deeper in the pursuit of the humanoids. Three men were killed, while the other four were severely injured.

Vladimir Azhazha believes the issue should be thoroughly investigated. “I think about underwater bases and say: why not? Nothing should be discarded,” says Azhazha. “Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing, do nothing. People rarely visit great depths. So it’s very important to analyze what they encounter there.”

Source: Alien Star

6 Alien Craft Dug Up In America

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Reverse Engineering?
First disclosed by brad and sherry steiger, in their book rainbow conspiracy, there was something about this photo that intrigued me. It was apparently given to them by an anonymous researcher.

Along with the image, were details of the supposed find, according to the anonymous source, they were found buried in America, in an arid and sandy location. six were supposedly found buried deep in the earth, all in the same location. All six were excavated from beneath an American military base in 1990.

After their discovery, it was reported that they were strangely reburied in the same location, the researcher also provided information and an example of strange alien looking petroglyphs written on the machine in different locations.

the further I looked into it the more secretive and murky the story became.
It wasn’t long after this image and the attached story surfaced on the internet, that forums were buzzing with theories and peoples attempts to explain the photo.

Eventually a person came forward with a proposal for what the machine is. the theory put forward is just as strange as the original story, and once you realise what is said and why someone would possibly say it, these mystery machines appear to become even more mysterious.

The theory put forward was by someone claiming to look at these machines every day, and was part of a black operations project to create magnetic energy, apparently according to this source, the program was a failure, and so for some reason the American government decided to bury it. literally.

It seems like a common case of you can choose what to believe, and sometimes convenience can outweigh logic.
Notably the images the source puts forward in support of their story, do indeed look like the machines in question, the programme they say was called the “LLNL fusion experiment”. Supposedly a declassified project. The sources pertaining to this project have since been redacted.

however, upon further investigation, I did find images of what appeared to be freshly cast parts of the exact type of machine, what is interesting about this is that these images look more recent, even though the machines were apparently buried. also, I feel the most important fact, that the black operation these machines were stated to be a part of, eventually turned out to be helium 3 reactors, that are being developed for space travel and helium 3 mining for fuel while on such planets as mars in the future. Don’t you find it just a slightly bit convenient that a UFO researcher discloses an image of an unknown machine, with details of it being unearthed, to then have a military cover up surrounding the object? a cover up discovered by researchers searching for its authenticity? Not only that, but to find a program coming from it connected to helium mining and space travel?

Questions also arose from the original explanation. unfortunately, it seems the image is real and the government didn’t want you to know what it is, if it was indeed a black ops project, firstly why build six of them if apparently, it was untested technology, that failed? Secondly if this was indeed a multibillion-dollar state of the art program why would you bury the machines in sand? Thirdly why are there reports of petroglyphs, fourthly upon exhuming it again, why would you still decide to re bury them, fifth, how would a secret multibillion-dollar project buried in a secret military location, not be recorded, subsequently dug up in the same base by the same government a few years later by accident? the issues go on.

Was this a panicked attempt to explain away a huge discovery, of subsequently reverse engineered technology, left as a gift by ancient beings, leaked and disclosed in a popular book, without being noticed?
Whatever this image shows it appears to be secret technology, and connected to advanced extra-terrestrial travel and resource mining.

Source Mystery History – YouTube

This Video will Change Everything You Know! The Truth May Shock Most of You!

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UFOs are now hauntingly familiar, they have shared our skies for an uneasy 50 years.
Eyewitness accounts testify to their breathtaking speed, unparalleled maneuverability and uncanny silence.

They are different than any aircraft made here on earth.

These stealthy visitors are called the UFOs, unidentified flying objects.
They have shown up unexpectedly in photographs taken all across the globe.
Yet if we turn back the pages of history, there are intriguing hints that UFOs have been with us all along, perhaps even as far back as 12,000 years ago, when our ancestors found shelter in the darkness of caves.

The walls of these primitive dwellings were often painted with figures of hunters and the animals they hope to snare, recently other images have come to light.

These tracings were made from caves in France and Spain and they show pictures not ordinarily associated with hunting.

Their shapes are very peculiar because they do oftentimes look like like UFOs and saucers, and I’m not saying that they are UFOs it that they do represent craft of any type, only that they have a similarity to what we now perceive, as maybe craft from another planet, as UFOs, and one wonders where the cave people were getting the impetus for putting these on their walls..

Obviously putting paintings on cave walls was a laborious process and you would only put down the most important things of your daily life, and here these objects appear not not once, not twice, but fairly numerous times on the cave walls.


Source: Alien Star

If You Don’t Believe, This Will Surely Change Your Mind!

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Maybe 90% of all UFO sightings is possible government owned crafts, its there other 10% that makes you wonder. Are we truly alone in this Universe? No, we are not.

I’m absolutely sure that we are not alone in this universe.

A crowd of believers and skeptics, with cameras rolling, members of a group calling itself the disclosure project, stood up one by one to tell personal experiences involving what they say are UFOs.

A group wants to talk about their UFO sightings, but this apparently is no crackpot Convention former high-level government and military officials are among those, sharing what they’ve seen in the skies.

We want the United States government to stop perpetuating the myth that all UFOs can be explained away in down-to-earth and conventional terms.
Instead, our country needs to reopen its official investigation that it shut down in 1969.
We had ground visual, ground radar, airborne visual and airborne radar, confirmation of some of these sightings.

By the way, there have even been some UFO sightings reported right here in the nation’s capitol, there was a flurry of them back in July of 1952, when the Air Force investigated, but was never able to solve or prove anything, take a look at these headlines aerial.. whatsits buzz DC again, Air Force after DC saucers “jets ready to chase lights”…”jets ordered to hunt down flying saucers there was a lot of hype a lot of excitement back in 1952 .

A lot of people have been talking recently about some very strange lights in the sky that were caught on videotape and see for yourself, this is the footage that’s getting thousands of hits every day on YouTube, the person who claims to have shot the footage says it shows a triangle-shaped object moving at incredible speed or in the skies over Dublin Ireland.

A UFO in China’s skies force Josh an airport to stop operations on July 7th outbound flights were grounded after the unidentified flying object was detected by a flight crew . The incident has captured the attention of Chinese media.


Source: Alien Star

Multiple UFOs & strange purple Beams of Light filmed over Arizona

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A strange video on YouTube is getting a lot of attention for showing multiple UFOs and weird purple beams of light in the skies over Arizona.

The footage was recorded on a panoramic 360-degree live camera feed recently.

Commenters on the video hint evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, while others think the strange sky phenomenon is a clandestine HAARP project.



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