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‘Earth Must be Warned!’ – French Astronaut’s Chilling Warning Resurfaced This Week

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Claudie André-Deshays Haigneré is at the center of an enormous mystery. In 2008, the talented and highly intelligent Frenchwoman issued a hysterical warning to the people of Earth after attempting to commit suicide. No one at the time knew what the warning meant and since Dr. Haigneré has recovered she has refused to clarify the matter.
She was working on researching involving human and alien DNA

Dr. Haigneré is an extraordinarily accomplished woman who has enjoyed a storied and multi-faceted career. She is a rheumatologist and has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and certificates in biology, sports medicine, aviation and space medicine. In 1993, she traveled to space for the first time and became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station along with her husband who is also an astronaut.

After her travels in space, Dr. Haigneré entered French politics and served as a minster for Research and New Technologies between 2002 and 2004. She was also the minister for European Affairs between 2004 and 2005. Despite her efforts, while she was in office the budget for scientific research in France were cut. Disillusioned, she cut her political career short and went to work in a biology lab at the prestigious Pasteur Institute.

Sources have reported that Dr. Haigneré’s work at the Pasteur Institute was of a rather esoteric nature. Some have even claimed that she was working on researching involving human and alien DNA. After several years at the Pasteur Institute, it was widely reported that Dr. Haigneré was taken to hospital after taking a huge overdose of sleeping pills. She was conscious upon arrival but had to be forcibly restrained as she fought against doctors, screaming “Earth must be warned!” Shortly after that, she lapsed into a coma.

Immediately after this extraordinary scene, it was reported that there was a mysterious fire which has never been properly explained by workers at the Pasteur Institute which has raised suspicions that Dr. Haigneré came across something groundbreaking and deeply disturbing in the course of her research. However, if this is the case, Dr. Haigneré is not willing to speak publicly about it anymore. She has blamed her suicide attempt on ‘burnout syndrome’ and has now moved on to the directorship of the largest science museum in Europe, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.


A 2.5 Mile-Wide Comet On Collision Course With Earth

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It has often been spoken about that the end of the Earth could occur at anytime. It is commonly used in a different subject matter. In the 21st century the destruction of Earth is spoken through the idea that it will occur through corruption and war between governments and politicians. It is believed that the world will become so corrupted and polluted with greed, hatred and murder that the world will essentially just metaphorically explode and humanity will becoming severely crippled with hundreds of millions of people losing their life, while the top 1% in the elite will simply be relaxing and in full control of things once things begin to settle or the full extent of the damage has taken place. This is the typical perception of the average person when it comes to the world being destroyed. There is a scientific realm that perceives it in an entirely different method and light and is now becoming a hot topic, because of a recent scary confirmation.

In the perception of science the end of the world is instead perceived to exist through comets and asteroids that fly throughout the solar system on the daily. These large rocks fly through the sky as they naturally are supposed to, however sometimes they end up crashing into other planets or stars and end of completely destroying them. This is how science perceives the end of a world or destruction of a world. Will all of this said, this scientific approach is now believed to be the fate of the Earth, due to confirmation that a mile wide comet is headed for Earth and this one is no joke. Sources have indicated that it will be coming very soon.

It may have not been very noticeable, but many of the world’s superpowers have mysteriously been moving their nuclear plants and their missiles to entirely different and unique locations. This is most likely because of preparations for a powerfully large comet coming right for the Earth, which is believed to specifically destroy the United States of America. Another issue with the actions of superpowers is that they have all decided to suddenly give their missiles a test drive, including the USA. Could this mean that these countries are preparing for a third world war and will soon overtake the United States as arguably the strongest power in the world? The idea of such is scary, however the world is definitely preparing for an entirely devastated and more war-torn world, based on their recent actions.

Another unique theory is that if the comet does not in fact break up then these nations could actually be working in unison although unlikely. They could collectively team up to fire their missiles at the same time to try and mitigate the impact of such a large comet. It seems almost movie-like, but given the confirmation of comet coming it is in fact going to soon become a reality and the reaction may in fact have to be all of the superpowers firing their missiles at the same time to save humanity. It is believed that once this hellish comet hits the Earth, the tribulation will then begin after. The tribulation is the Christian belief that the second coming of Jesus Christ is coming and will be taking up all that believed in him to heaven, while everyone who didn’t believe will stay on Earth if they survived. The anti-Christ will then come and rule the world for 1000 years and the world will be a completely different place of nothing, but anarchy and hell. The world will never be the same again after this comet has hit.


Seasons Greetings: Three-mile-wide Asteroid 3200 Phaethon to skim Earth just before Christmas

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The planet Earth is set to have a very close encounter with a three-mile-wide asteroid in the week before Christmas, scientists have warned. According to Russian astronomers, a giant space rock which is referred to as 3200 Phaethon is due to make a close encounter with the planet on December 17th. NASA has verified that this is the case and warned that the close brush with the asteroid could be potentially dangerous as the rock will only miss the orbit of Earth by two million miles – a very short distance in galactic terms.

Earth due for a close encounter with a bizarre asteroid just before Christmas

This is considered to be a cause for concern as the asteroid is approximately half the size of Chicxulub, the asteroid which caused the extinction event that eradicated the dinosaurs. Therefore, space agencies will be monitoring the progress of the asteroid closely over the next month to ensure that it cannot cause any damage to the planet. Phaethon is considered to be one of the most bizarre asteroids in this solar system, and scientists from all over the world have investigated it over the years. According to astronomers from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, it seems that the asteroid was once much larger than it currently is.

However, its orbital pattern which takes it far closer to the sun than any other asteroid has caused it to crumble into smaller pieces over the generations. It has even been suggested that the asteroid could have once been a comet nucleus, a theory which is substantiated by its elongated orbit which sees it coming closer to the Sun than Mercury at some times and moving further away from the Sun than Mars at others. The astronomers from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University have suggested that the meteor shower engendered by this unusual asteroid is likely due to its crumbling state after so many close calls with the Sun. The asteroid is known for being the only asteroid to produce a regular meteor shower, a phenomenon which is associated with comets and has been a source of massive puzzlement to NASA scientists investigating it. ‘What it comes down to is that the Geminid parent object is a mystery, ‘ said a spokesperson for the space agency. The Geminids meteor shower will take place shortly before the asteroid by-passes the Earth on December 17th and is expected to light up the sky between December 13th and the 14th.


Mainstream Astronomers Now Discussing The Possibility That Oumuamua Is A Spaceship

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A mainstream astronomer says on Reddit that Oumuamua is not your normal space rock. Astronomer here! I will never say this lightly, but we are, swear to God, actually discussing with some seriousness right now what are the odds that this was actually a spaceship. Which I 100% assure you has never happened before in my memory with seriousness. Basically, the dimensions of this thing being so much longer than it is tall, combined with the no dust part, are both highly irregular details. Not so irregular there’s no natural way to explain them, but irregular enough that this is definitely not your normal space rock. And unfortunately we are not really going to get any more new data on this space rock, so I guess we’ll be speculating about this for the rest of my professional career.

The issue though is it is tumbling, and no thermal emission was detected. But there’s no way that doesn’t mean it’s the dead hull of an alien spacecraft from millions of years ago, my one colleague is arguing, and I’m arguing that if you had computer intelligence type beings perhaps they’d go to stasis for the millions of years the journey takes to wherever they were going (and in my scenario, they were just using us as a tidal slingshot sorta like how we slingshot by planets to save on spacecraft fuel). But I’m sad if it was aliens that the aliens didn’t want to hang out. (To be clear, it was most likely a space rock. But right now I believe we can’t say for sure if it wasn’t a space rock based on data.) There is some potential Hubble and Spitzer telescope data in the works, so we may get a few more details about ‘Oumuamua in coming months!

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