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ISS Cam Catches Glimpse Of Black Knight Satellite Watching Us

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The Space Station responsible for a lot of orbital UFO sightings has done it again! This time we have a sneak peek of the infamous BNS.

The Black Knight Satellite is one of the strangest, most mysterious alien objects to have graced Earth with its presence. And, as a lot of UFO researchers will tell you, it’s been keeping an eye on humanity for over 13,000 years, constantly checking our progress and reporting to its far away masters.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by Streetcap1, the enigmatic alien satellite shows its irregular shape once again and let me tell you, it doesn’t look like a thermal blanket.

The object does not resemble any known satellite that we’ve put into orbit and its architecture is definitely alien-looking. There are no solar panels attached to its frame, which leads us into believing the alien object must employ some other type of propulsion and energy systems.

The Black Knight Satellite rapidly gained worldwide notoriety following NASA’s STS-88 mission, the first space shuttle mission to the International Space Station. A number of photos taken during the mission show a strange object floating above Earth. Many came to believe the photos were proof of the existence of the alien satellite, but NASA shot down these allegations by claiming the photos showed nothing more than a thermal blanked, a piece of insulation that had drifted away from the ISS.

In modern times, the story of the Black Knight Satellite can be traced back to 1954, three years before the world’s first artificial satellite was launched. A group of scientists at the White Sands government facility in New Mexico had picked up strange, periodic signals that were being emitted by an unknown source orbiting Earth. By 1960, even the United States’ Department of Defense had acknowledged this alien presence.

If we dig deeper, we’ll discover the same radio source had been identified by a team of Norwegian researchers in 1928 and prior to them, even world famous inventor Nikola Tesla.

In 1899, while experimenting with high-voltage radio transmission equipment, Tesla picked up what he believed were alien signals coming from a source very close to Earth.

“I felt as though I were present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth,” Tesla wrote. “My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural.”

Thermal blanket, shmermal blanket.

Going back further in time, we can find mentions in religious texts of a Dark Watcher looming above the firmament. The texts never mention its origin or nature but some proponents of alternative history have taken to calling it the Dark Ark. They suspect the satellite is actually a genetic repository of sorts, and that it contains DNA samples from the advanced cultures that existed on Earth in ancient times.

Evidence in support of either theory is hard to come by, because, come on, do you have the technology to go into low Earth orbit and start looking for an object that shouldn’t be there?

And those who do have no interest in sharing their findings with the rest of the world, so our best shot in uncovering the truth about the Black Knight Satellite would be to sort through existing literature and cross-reference it with ancient texts and mythological accounts.

If we find nothing, then it’s settled and we can go on with our lives. But how comfortable would you sleep knowing that the unblinking, ever-watchful eye of an alien satellite is always up there? It’s enough that we have our governments spying on our every action.


Found After Two Years: Lost Weather Balloon GoPro With Astounding Footage From Space

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In June 2013 five friends decided to go out into Arizona and take some footage of space when they attached their GoPro recorder to a weather balloon and sent it up into the sky. This was the last they saw of it for two years and when it returned it was worth the wait as it gave them some amazing shots of Earth it had taken from space.

Students Got FAA Approval To Launch Near To Tuba City

College students and friends Bryan Chan, Ashish Goel, Ved Chirayath, Paul Tarantino and Tyler Reid decided to build a device and calculated the trajectory of it then registered it with the FAA so that it wouldn’t interfere with any aircraft that might be passing. The balloon carried a GoPro Hero3, Sony camcorder and Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone, with the two camera recording footage and the smartphone taking the photos. They finally decided to launch the balloon out in the desert just a few miles from Tuba City.

The group wanted to track the progress of their balloon via GPS that was on a smartphone; however, they lost contact with the location once the device and balloon went out of range of the cell phone tower. This left them wondering for many months, if they would ever see the balloon ever again or if they would get their cameras back from the balloon.
Hiker Found Balloon And Equipment Two Years Later

The group waited and waited and then gave up on the idea of ever seeing it again. However, two years later they did get to see the results from their project when they received a call from a hiker. The hiker had been out in Arizona and had come across a box with the names of the group on it, around 50 miles from where they originally launched the balloon.

The team had hoped that the balloon would have captured what they thought would be the money shot, the Grand Canyon photographed from the stratosphere. They processed the data taken from the device that had been attached to the balloon and found out that it had reached 98, 664 feet and had a flight time of 1 hour and 38 minutes in total.

The footage they managed to get from the camera was more than they had hoped to get and they managed to retrieve all of the original images and made a 4-minute video that offers a look behind the scenes of their incredible story.


What Are These Weird Trails On Mars

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Mars has long thought to be void of life. Scientists have previously deduced that the planet could once have housed life and many different organisms. Now it is supposedly just a barren planet with an endless landscape of rock formations. But Google Earth images show a different possibility.

Slug Rocks?

Looking like a huge slug crawling across the sand. The images show formations of rocks that have seemingly crawled across the terrain, leaving a trail behind them. By all accounts, rocks are not supposed to move by themselves, especially ones that are this huge. If there are indeed living organisms behind the work, then the claim of Mars being lifeless has been debunked.

Some analysts believe that the trails could be the work of dust tornados. One major fluke to this theory is that trails left by tornadoes tend to be in a curved or zig-zag fashion, unlike the straight lined trails shown in the images.

According to other analysts, water could be the culprit behind the phenomenon. According to this theory, the flow of water could have caused the trails and possibly moved the rocks gradually. This theory has also some flaws. The trails are too symmetrical to be that formed by water flow. And even if there is water on Mars, there does not seem to be a sufficient amount to have caused this phenomenon.

Plausible Possibilities

Among the images, one has a unique feature that might be the key to finding out what occurred. A bright dot is visible at the right side of the rock formation. The object also leaves an alternate trail that manifests as a dark curvy shadow on the image above. The size of the object must be considerable given the distance and scale of the image. Is that object a terrestrial vehicle, or could it be of alien origin?

There are insufficient information and evidence at the moment to come up with a conclusive conclusion. However, deductions may be made based on available knowledge. There are a group of analysts who believe that the phenomenon on Mars resembles a similar phenomenon on Earth. What they are referring to are the boulders of California’s Death Valley. The boulders in this valley often appear to be moving across the sands over time, but no one has come up with a plausible explanation to why this is happening. Understanding of the Death Valley phenomenon could lead to the answers on Mars.

Are these images proof of alien activity on Mars, or do they show a natural phenomenon at work? NASA seems to be tight lipped about the whole issue, and we can only assume that they have been hiding something from the public. What is of concern is what can be so secretive about moving rocks and trails that they have to be so tight-lipped about the whole thing?


Weird Structure Found In The Center Of Our Galaxy

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Astronomers are intrigued by a strange “string” that have seen. It is a thread that is 2.3 light years long snaking around a supermassive black hole that is in the middle of the Milky Way.
Despite Structure Being Found In 2012 Astronomers Have No Idea What It Is

Astronomers originally found the structure in 2012 but a new photograph has now revealed the long line in the dark middle of the galaxy. Looking closer at it has helped astronomers to be able to narrow down possibilities about what it might be but astronomers are still a long way away from having an answer that is solid.

The new image came from a team of researchers and they produced the image thanks to data taken from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory using the Very Large Array and then used an imaging technique that was novel to help them to clean up the photograph.

It Is The Unknown That Makes Science So Thrilling

To the majority of people, the photograph will look like the mouth of hell, and a string of dental floss is stuck to the teeth of the devil. However, astronomers see it as something that is a mystery that is begging to be answered. Astronomer Jun-Hui Zhao of the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre of Astrophysics in Cambridge said that one part that is thrilling about science is coming across something mysterious that cannot be solved easily.

He went on to say that right now scientists do not have the answer and this is something that is motivating astronomers when it comes to building the next-gen radio telescope, which we can expect to see arrive with technology that is cutting edge.

Coming across long streams of gas or lines of particles that glow in space really is not all that unusual. Structures such as this are called non-thermal radio filament, and they have been seen before in the middle of the galaxy. Many of them are very long but where they came from remains a mystery to astronomers.

In the past, it had been thought that perhaps the structures were related to the magnetic fields of the Milky Way. However, as more of the filaments were found flowing in directions that were odd, this supposition was discarded.
Many Possible Explanations For The String

What is strange about this particular structure is that it looks as though it is tickling Sagittarius A event horizon. This is the huge black hole that is 4 million times the weight of the Sun and sits in the middle of the galaxy. This has brought about some possible explanations that are intriguing to astronomers about why big queues of particles beam light in the radio wave of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Of course, one explanation is that it might just look as though the string is connected to the black hole. It could be nothing more than the equivalent of a hair being laid across the lens of a camera. Astronomers have said that this is something that would be very unlikely.

One of the most well-liked suggestions has been that it is made up of particles that have come from Sgr A. Swirls of particles could have been pulled down into the black hole and this might create a magnetic field that is very strong and it could become a particle accelerator. If particles have been charged at speeds that are ridiculous this could explain away the glowing thin stream.

Another possibility is that the structure might be a cosmic string, but this is less likely but a possibility, as it is a hypothetical object. Cosmic strings are said to be huge one-dimensional topological defect able to form in different vacuum parts when space expands. Essentially they are seen as cracks in space that come about when the Universe stretches.

At the moment astronomers are still gathering evidence that would rule out these hypotheses.

If it proves to be particles that come from Sgr A astronomers would learn more about magnetic fields in a zone that is highly chaotic. Seeing a cosmic string is a discovery that is profound and it is one that tells astronomers a great deal about the nature of the Universe and even its origins.

Miller Goss from the NRAO said that they will keep on hunting until they find an explanation that is solid for the structure and they want to take images that reveal even more in the near future.


Ancient Astronauts in Fergana?

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In an article of the of French ufology magazine “Lumières dans la Nuit” (“Lights in the Night”) issue 335 of February 2000, Didier Leroux tried to find the source of this image, successfully.

He found out that image was painted by a contemporary Russian artist to illustrate the cover of a 1967 issue of the “Sputnik” Russian magazine, in which there was an article devoted to the topic of visits of ancient astronauts 12.000 years ago, which had been inspired among other stuff by the prehistoric paintings in the caves of Fergana in Uzbekistan in which certain characteristics were considered as possibly some ancient close encounter of the third kind

These paintings seem to exist, but they are sometimes dated back to 2000 BC, sometimes 7000 BC, rather than 10.000 BC.

The cover illustration of the Sputnik magazine was cropped out and included in Erich Von Daniken’s book “Chariots of the Gods,” and thus instead of the true cave paintings of Fergana, the fictitious illustration spread as the real thing.

Sputnik magazine, published in Reader’s Digest format, was published in several languages in the Sixties and was one of the rare publications where Russian scientists, as well as laymen and fantasy-prone authors were allowed to pass some texts to the West, amongst other things, texts related to the UFO phenomenon.

So the whole matter seems quite simple. But I also found the cover of another magazine (on the Internet), SHOWN far below, which still says that the drawing is the real thing, while clearly the signature of an artist appears in the bottom on the right.

On top on left, it is specified that the drawing illustrates an article by Dr. Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Russian philologist, whose name is related to the case of the Dropas.

By examining the image, it seems obvious that it rather or also relates to the Dropas: see the disc with the spiral carving held by the cosmonaut and the high mountains.

As a matter of fact Fergana is only at some hundreds miles of Baya-Kara-Ulan.

Below, the painting by a Russian artist supposed to be an authentic cave painting in the caves of Fergana.

The image is different and probably older than the drawing above and obviously inspired it, and is quite probably the one presented in the Sputnik magazine of 1967.

Fergana is a valley in Uzbekistan, famous because the road to the silk passed through it.

It seems that there are really prehistoric caves there, showing these “ancient astronauts” paintings which inspired the Sputnik Magazine article and illustration:


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-Article by Didier Leroux in “Lumières dans la Nuit” magazine, #335, February 2000.


Stephen Hawking’s ‘Breakthrough Listen program’ will check Interstellar object Oumuamua for alien signals

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Tomorrow, scientists from the “Breakthrough Listen program” will point the Green Banks radio telescope at the interstellar object that was named Oumuamua. The object was discovered in October 2017 and soon became the talking point of mainstream media because the object was unlike anything we have observed in our solar system.

The interstellar traveler had a strange cigar shape, which sparked rumors that this could be the ultimate proof for extraterrestrial life. The cigar shape would be the logical form factor for an interstellar spaceship because it significantly reduces the risk of an impact with micrometeorites.

The object is already on it’s way to the Pegasus constellation, but scientists at the Breakthrough Listen program would like to check the object for alien signals. They will scan radio bands from 1 to 12 GHz for a total of 10 hours.

Breakthrough Listen is an initiative launched by Stephen Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is also on the board and provided financial support.

The telescope is so powerful it would be able to pick up the signal from a mobile phone at that distance.

By tomorrow, we could be tuning into some groovy alien tunes…


Billy Corgan Saw A Person Shapeshift Into A Non-Human Creature

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A person transformed into something that was not human says Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan, the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins has said that he saw another person transform into something that was not human. From this, we take it that he saw a human shapeshifter or perhaps an alien.

Corgan was appearing on the Howard Stern Show when the topic of his appearance on the Alex Jones Show came into it.
Corgan Revealed He Had A Paranormal Experience

This is when Corgan made a revelation of his own about a paranormal experience that he had. He said that he did not want to add to a conspiracy but he had also had some paranormal experiences in his own life that might come under that category. He went on to say that he was embarrassed about the experience that he had and he would not give away many of the details, but he did say that he had seen a person transform into something that he could not explain.

Corgan said that he would only say that he had seen someone once undergo a transformation that he could not explain. Stern asked him whether that person had transformed into something that was not human and Corgan replied that yes he had seen it happen.

Corgan Was Vague And Would Not Give Away Many Details

Robin Quivers, the co-host of the show asked if Corgan was taking drugs at the time but Corgan said that he had been totally sober. Corgan later went on to say that the other person had acknowledged that they had transformed but Corgan refused to add in any more details about what had occurred. He then said that he was being vague on purpose.

So Billy Corgan firmly believes that he saw something that cannot be explained away by modern science. At the same time he did not actually say outright that he had seen an alien. He only said that he had seen a person transform into something that was not human. Surely this must mean that he saw an alien lifeform, what else could he have seen?

Did he see something like this?


2 More Whistleblowers Divulge Involvement in Secret Space Program

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According to a new report by an insider claiming to have worked with several US secret space programs, the complexity of the programs, technologies, and their dynamic interrelationships is far greater and more complex than anything previously revealed.
Space battle taking place right above our heads?

20 and Back is the standard phrase use to describe the tour of duty undergone by recruits into the SSP (Secret Space Program). The term 20 and back refers to the 20 year commitment that these military men and women make when they sign up to go into space — or the amount of time they are forced to serve as slaves.

There are many indications that there really is a Secret Space Program, though some of these confirmations seem too extraordinary to be true.

There are even those who say that there is a space battle taking place right above our heads, as can be seen in the article below. But maybe believing that is pushing the limits of imagination a little too much … or not:

Proof the Solar Warden Secret Space Project is Real

The Secret Space Programs Shocking True Purpose Revealed


‘Earth Must be Warned!’ – French Astronaut’s Chilling Warning Resurfaced This Week

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Claudie André-Deshays Haigneré is at the center of an enormous mystery. In 2008, the talented and highly intelligent Frenchwoman issued a hysterical warning to the people of Earth after attempting to commit suicide. No one at the time knew what the warning meant and since Dr. Haigneré has recovered she has refused to clarify the matter.
She was working on researching involving human and alien DNA

Dr. Haigneré is an extraordinarily accomplished woman who has enjoyed a storied and multi-faceted career. She is a rheumatologist and has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and certificates in biology, sports medicine, aviation and space medicine. In 1993, she traveled to space for the first time and became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station along with her husband who is also an astronaut.

After her travels in space, Dr. Haigneré entered French politics and served as a minster for Research and New Technologies between 2002 and 2004. She was also the minister for European Affairs between 2004 and 2005. Despite her efforts, while she was in office the budget for scientific research in France were cut. Disillusioned, she cut her political career short and went to work in a biology lab at the prestigious Pasteur Institute.

Sources have reported that Dr. Haigneré’s work at the Pasteur Institute was of a rather esoteric nature. Some have even claimed that she was working on researching involving human and alien DNA. After several years at the Pasteur Institute, it was widely reported that Dr. Haigneré was taken to hospital after taking a huge overdose of sleeping pills. She was conscious upon arrival but had to be forcibly restrained as she fought against doctors, screaming “Earth must be warned!” Shortly after that, she lapsed into a coma.

Immediately after this extraordinary scene, it was reported that there was a mysterious fire which has never been properly explained by workers at the Pasteur Institute which has raised suspicions that Dr. Haigneré came across something groundbreaking and deeply disturbing in the course of her research. However, if this is the case, Dr. Haigneré is not willing to speak publicly about it anymore. She has blamed her suicide attempt on ‘burnout syndrome’ and has now moved on to the directorship of the largest science museum in Europe, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.


A 2.5 Mile-Wide Comet On Collision Course With Earth

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It has often been spoken about that the end of the Earth could occur at anytime. It is commonly used in a different subject matter. In the 21st century the destruction of Earth is spoken through the idea that it will occur through corruption and war between governments and politicians. It is believed that the world will become so corrupted and polluted with greed, hatred and murder that the world will essentially just metaphorically explode and humanity will becoming severely crippled with hundreds of millions of people losing their life, while the top 1% in the elite will simply be relaxing and in full control of things once things begin to settle or the full extent of the damage has taken place. This is the typical perception of the average person when it comes to the world being destroyed. There is a scientific realm that perceives it in an entirely different method and light and is now becoming a hot topic, because of a recent scary confirmation.

In the perception of science the end of the world is instead perceived to exist through comets and asteroids that fly throughout the solar system on the daily. These large rocks fly through the sky as they naturally are supposed to, however sometimes they end up crashing into other planets or stars and end of completely destroying them. This is how science perceives the end of a world or destruction of a world. Will all of this said, this scientific approach is now believed to be the fate of the Earth, due to confirmation that a mile wide comet is headed for Earth and this one is no joke. Sources have indicated that it will be coming very soon.

It may have not been very noticeable, but many of the world’s superpowers have mysteriously been moving their nuclear plants and their missiles to entirely different and unique locations. This is most likely because of preparations for a powerfully large comet coming right for the Earth, which is believed to specifically destroy the United States of America. Another issue with the actions of superpowers is that they have all decided to suddenly give their missiles a test drive, including the USA. Could this mean that these countries are preparing for a third world war and will soon overtake the United States as arguably the strongest power in the world? The idea of such is scary, however the world is definitely preparing for an entirely devastated and more war-torn world, based on their recent actions.

Another unique theory is that if the comet does not in fact break up then these nations could actually be working in unison although unlikely. They could collectively team up to fire their missiles at the same time to try and mitigate the impact of such a large comet. It seems almost movie-like, but given the confirmation of comet coming it is in fact going to soon become a reality and the reaction may in fact have to be all of the superpowers firing their missiles at the same time to save humanity. It is believed that once this hellish comet hits the Earth, the tribulation will then begin after. The tribulation is the Christian belief that the second coming of Jesus Christ is coming and will be taking up all that believed in him to heaven, while everyone who didn’t believe will stay on Earth if they survived. The anti-Christ will then come and rule the world for 1000 years and the world will be a completely different place of nothing, but anarchy and hell. The world will never be the same again after this comet has hit.


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