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How To Detect Negative Energies? You Only Need A Glass Of Water!

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Negative energy is energy that is collected around an individual’s house in which can affect their moods and thoughts in a negative way such as putting addition stress on their well-being, give them negative emotions, and slowly deteriorate the host’s relationships with friends or family. This article is a method on how to use a glass of water to see if there is negative energy in a household, in hopes that it will make the person more aware of the energy and the different aspects that may be affecting them beyond the physical attributes.

Can you detect negative energy at home with only a glass of water?
The first thing to do is to reflect on recent occurrences that may have lead up to the reason why the negative energies began in the first place. It may be difficult to depict if there are these energies for sure due to very few noticeable symptoms. If the individual does not feel there is anything wrong, using this method is a good way to detect underlying issues. Obtain a clear glass cup and fill it with one-third of sea salt, one-third of water, and one-third of vinegar, then place it in a room where the negative energy may be located. The individual will then hide the cup and leave it there for a full 24 hours- The cup should not be moved anywhere.

If the glass has smudges or many bubbles and seems to have been tampered before it was placed, that depicts that there is a negative presence. Repeat the steps of replacing the glass with the same ingredients for as many days until the glass remains untouched.

A disclaimer is to flush the ingredients from the glass into the toilet in order to clear all of the negative energy from the house. If the individual still feels uneasy about their surroundings spiritually, then they must repeat the process until they feel at ease again. Not many people think of the spiritual attributes that may be present in their home; sometimes it is not needed if the person has a stable life and good relationships with their friends or family.


Drone films ‘Ghost Knight’ horse riding at a historic English castle

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A man in England has reportedly captured a video using a drone of a ghost named the Ghost Knight riding around on his horse at a historic English castle.

Man Was Testing Drone When It Strangely Malfunctioned Capturing Ghost

Thomas Arnold said that he had purchased a new drone and had been testing the drone in the Gloucestershire countryside close to the Berkeley Castle. While he was flying the drone, he said that the controls lost contact with the drone for around ten seconds and at this point, Arnold engaged the emergency response to bring the drone back to him.

Arnold did not think much about the technical issue with the drone at the time, until later that day when he looked at the footage captured and found something that could not be explained.

Arnold went on to say that the drone captured what seems to be a white figure that was moving around the courtyard swiftly. Arnold said that there were no chimneys within the region or close by that might have produced smoke and no wind that could have caused the oddity seen in the video. This has brought Arnold to the conclusion that what the drone captured on film was a genuine ghost.

As the location he was filming was a castle Arnold concluded that what he had captured was the spirit of a horseman, and more likely that of a knight. Some people have been more skeptical about the video and claim that what is seen could have been caused by a technical malfunction on the camera when the drone disconnected from the controls.

Video Shows Ghostly Apparition, or Does It?
The video starts with any normal aerial video, showing the castle from up high. However, when the camera gets closer to the castle and the forecourt of the castle can be seen, a ghostly figure seems to appear and looks as though it may be on horseback galloping across the courtyard. Was it caused by a mechanical fault, or is this the ghost of a knight riding through the courtyard?

Berkeley Castle is the ancient fortress home of the Berkeley family and it has been their home since ancestor, Robert Fitzharding, built the castle during the late 12th century. It is said to be one of the most remarkable castles in Britain thanks to its history and is open to the public.


Summoning A Demon Is One Of The Worst Thing You Could Ever Do

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How you can summon up a demon of your choosing and what to do when you have.

In 1966, the Church of Satan was founded but many centuries before this people summoned up demons and evil the Devil. It was said that Robert Johnson, a blues musician, sold his own soul to the devil to get a recording contract during the early part of the 1900s. Many other people have enjoyed great success, which had led to others wondering what type of a deal they might have made with the devil.

People wanting something out of life often take to Google search and type in the words “how to sell your soul to the devil”. While the devil may not care about your mundane requests, there might be other demons just lining up to help. So just how do you summon up a demon and what should you do once you have?

First, Choose the Demon You Want to Summon Up
The first step is choosing the demon that you want to summon. This is important, as many people do not realize that not all demons are the same. Some can be respectful and as pleasant as a demon can be, others can be very hostile and not want to help you. Along with having different temperaments, demons specialize in many different areas.

For example, if you have a question and you need it answering, you might want to try summoning the demon Asmodeus or Astaroth. If you would like to get a promotion at work and want the demon to help you achieve it then try calling on Eligor. The friendliest demons are said to be the Goetic demons.

Get Your Request Ready
The Joy of Satan Ministries claims that a specific purpose for summoning up a demon is important. People should know why they want to summon up a demon before doing so. Treating demons with respect and honesty is also essential and people should not exploit them, make demands or command a demon to do something. With this in mind, it is important to prepare any request to a demon before going on to try and summon up that demon and get the right one to help you achieve your goals.

Power Meditation Can Help In Summoning Demons
Before summoning up a demon, you might want to exercise the mind and this can be done by way of power meditation. This helps to open up the psyche and it can bring about enhanced intuition, which makes the mind more open to entities.

Offer the Demon Something in Return
Anyone asking a demon for anything is going to have to offer something back in return. The demon is going to want an offering and what is offered may be based on the demon themselves or the request. Generally, an offering will involve fighting the enemy in some way, giving the demon publicity or working towards advancing Satanism. Whatever you offer has to be agreed upon by the demon and the one making the request.

It is important when preparing the offering to bear in mind that Elder Gods will value your word, integrity, honor, and honesty with the utmost of importance. Do not offer something in return that is impossible to follow through with.

Choose A Way of Summoning the Demon
When you have chosen the demon, you want to contact, and have worked out what you will offer it is the time to choose how you will contact the demon. To some extent, this might depend on whether you have experience or not in summoning up demons, and how familiar you are with the chosen demon. You may or may not be able to see and hear the demon and there might be evidence of the demon being present.

Those who have not tried to summon a demon before might want to start by invoking the energy of the demon and hopefully, you will become engulfed in an aura that is powerful and electrifying. It may be possible to speak with a demon telepathically. A common way of summoning up a demon is by using a scrying mirror. This is a special type of mirror allowing people to communicate with demons.

Make Sure to Prepare the Ritual
With everything in place, it is time to prepare the ritual for summoning up the demon. There is nothing to say that a ritual has to be done at night, however, this may be the best time for beginners to try to summon their first demon.

Many movies that have included summoning demons have used huge pentagrams draw on the floor to allow the demon to enter. However, the Joy of Satan Ministry said that demons do not like circles.

Use Coordinated Incense
Different demons find different incense smells appealing. It is thought that the varieties of incense link to the planets. Anyone summoning up a Sargantanas demon for improving sexual aspects of their life might use incense that links with Venus, the ruler of lovemaking. Valac might be able to help you choose the winning lotto numbers and in this case use cedar or nutmeg incense that corresponds with the ruler of magic, Jupiter.

Light Appropriate Candles
Candles are a great way to help summon demons and increase the chances; however, they have to be the appropriate ones. The color of the candle should correspond to the color of the demon you want to summon. Summoning up Balam, for instance, you can use orange, gold or yellow candles as they relate to the Sun. black, dark blue and red candles are good substitutes.

Print Out the Sigil of the Demon You Want to Summon
Print out or draw the correct sigil for the demon that you want to summon. The sigil should be studied and the shape memorized. Close the eyes and try to visualize the sigil of the demon in your mind while chanting or reciting the demons name repeatedly.

Recite the Prayer of the Demon
After focusing on the specific sigil and having repeated the name of the demon many times, it is time to recite the demon prayer.

“Lord Satan, by your grace, grant me, I pray thee the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do, the end which I would attain by thy help, O Mighty Satan, the one True God who livest and reignest forever and ever. I entreat thee to inspire [name of Demon] to manifest before me that he/she may give me a true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, provided that it is proper to his/her office. This I respectfully and humbly ask in Your Name, Lord Satan, may you deem me worthy, Father.”

Upon doing this, you will feel the energy of Satan while he is summoning up the requested demon. It is possible that the whole ritual will have to be repeated if there is no success the first time.

Making Contact In the Future
After making successful contact with the demon of your choosing you will not have to go through the ritual again if you want to summon that demon again. Once you have earned trust from the demon, it is possible to summon it again by way of Crystal ball, Ouija Board or mirrors and candles alone.

However, if you want to connect with a different type of demon, the ritual will have to be undertaken again.

Talking to the Demon
Always treat any demon with respect and honesty if you contact them. Always be polite and do not command or make demands of them. Do not give a demon a license to depart as this is insulting them. When the talk is over the demon will depart of their own accord but you might be left with a powerful energy and be tingly for a while after.


Demons Caught on Camera: Pray Before Watching The Video

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The world has become such a sad, scary, unfriendly place.

The only consolation is that there is God. It may seem at times that He doesn’t listen, but He does. Sometimes we don’t understand but that’s okay.

As long as we believe! The Lord works in mysterious ways. It’s all about faith.





A Coin Discovered From A Parallel Universe Found In Our Timeline

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Parallel universes, or multiverse, is where an infinite number of universes can coexist with our run .. and while we are living our lives simultaneously, we, in another universe is doing something else .

Now this is a tell that comes from the multiverse,
where a construction site in Mexico, while they were working they stumbled upon a bizarre-looking coin.

They took this coin to the University to have it analyzed.. and here are the results of this analysis.


Source: YouTube, Diego Aviles

Bizarre ‘Square Clouds’? Geoengineering is No Joke!

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The residents of Tucson, Arizona managed to capture a scene on video showing square clouds in the sky, which leads to people questioning whether they are caused by Geoengineering.

Geoengineering Is No Joke and These Strange Square Clouds Prove It

Strange Square Clouds Are Defined
The video shows the strange square clouds and residents said that they had appeared a few times over the last several years. The strange clouds have also been seen in satellite images. The video shows the blue background of sky with a huge sharply defined square cloud hovering overhead.

Media outlets have said that the square clouds are proof of the HAARP project. One article even went as far as suggesting that it was UFOs fighting in the skies overhead close to Area 51.

Verifiable Evidence about the HAARP Project and Geoengineering
While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the strange square-shaped clouds are the result of Geoengineering, there is some verifiable information about the HAARP project and Geoengineering.

Patrick Roddie and Peter A. Kirby are both Geoengineering researchers, and they have knowledge about technology that has the power to change weather systems and said it is technology in two parts. The sky is filled with barium, aluminum, strontium and other materials of a similar nature. Then electromagnetic energy gets sent into the atmosphere and applied to the aerosols that are sprayed, and a weather system can then be manipulated.

Patent Reveals System for Changing the Weather
They also pointed out that Google filed a patent, U.S. patent #4,686,605 with the title of “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth’s Atmosphere Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere.”

The patent has been a point of reference for those who have an understanding that the sky above us is regularly sprayed and then the weather is changed when hit with electromagnetic energy. It has revealed how electromagnetic energy can be beamed into the atmosphere and it mixes with stratospheric, metallic and tropospheric aerosols and changes the weather. From a very high altitude, the sky is sprayed, and the metallic particles then fall into the clouds and the clouds, which are now metallic, can be guided by HAARP-type facilities that are on the ground.

People are not allowed to know where the facilities similar to the old HAARP that used to be located in Alaska are. Some people have talked about where they might be but now that people finally understand what Geoengineering technology is all about people can recognize it when they see it in the sky above them.

Peter Kirby said that if two HAARP-type facilities are injecting electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere, it can create a distinct wave interference pattern in the sprayed aerosols.

Are the Square Clouds Linked with HAARP technology and Spraying of Aerosols?
Square clouds that are defined do seem to have a probability of coming from HAARP-type technology and the use of sprayed aerosols. More so when you take into account that the patents do suggest that aerosols should be sprayed to modify the weather and note that the primary material should be aluminum with barium to make it show up in the sky and strontium. Rain tests concluded that these proportions of metals showed up.

In 2010 Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan leader accused the United States of weather warfare. In 2011 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president also accused the United States of weather warfare. Geoengineering is no joke, and when the tabloid media websites keep reporting on HAARP, they are referring to a single facility in Alaska, or a single conspiracy theory that has been isolated. However, the truth is that the technology is real and corporations have been involved in it, including BAE Systems and Raytheon.


Technique to induce ‘Lucid Dreaming’ has been independently verified for the first time

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For the first time a lucid dreaming technique has been verified, and it was said that it might be even more effective if it is combined with other techniques. Over half of the participants in a trial lasting one week had lucid dreams, without having to use an external intervention.

Dreamers Can Influence The Progression Of Their Dream
Lucid dreaming is a state where the dreamer is clearly aware that they have a dream and as such they have some say in how the dream progresses. It was once thought to be just a myth, but now science had confirmed that lucid dreams are reality and they have found methods that work to increase the chances of a person having a lucid dream.

In the past, some of the methods have required the use of advanced equipment, and other methods have not been very reliable. Lucid dreaming is said to be enjoyable, and it has been considered to be a tool that is powerful for healing trauma. Dr. Denholm Aspy from the University of Adelaide wondered if by combining techniques there would be a greater success.

Mnemonic Induction And MILD Techniques Used Together

He set up a study with 169 people in techniques to bring about lucid dreaming. One of the techniques was reality testing, and it had the participants regularly checking to make sure that they were awake. Mnemonic Induction of lucid dreams saw those taking part setting the alarm to wake them up after five hours, and they would then say “The next time I am dreaming, I will remember that I’m dreaming” and then they would go back to sleep. MILD is another technique that relies on people thinking about what it would be like to lucid dream.

Aspy said that the test on its alone did not produce benefits. However, 53% of people who tried reality testing and MILD together had success, and 17% had success each night. This had exceeded any study that came before it that was conducted without the use of intervention, such as wearing a mask that would shine into the eyes on detecting REM sleep.

Aspy said that the lucid dreams that people had in the study could have been down to MILD on its own. However, he did say that the success rate has been better than any before, even studies that had been undertaken by the inventor.

55% Of All People Will Have At Least One Lucid Dream In Their Life
It has been suggested that about 55% of people will have a lucid dream at some point, but for many, they are a rare occurrence. Aspy had one when he was young and became interested in them so much that he changed his psychology Ph.D. The night before he was supposed to have started his doctorate.

You have a second life in the dream world
The majority of people who have lucid dreams wake up quickly, but it has been known for people to have dreams lasting up to one hour. Now Aspy is asking for volunteers for another study.


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