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Why Anunnaki Is Forbidden Movie And Never Came Out To The Cinemas?

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This movie was intended to be realized in 2006 as the first installment of the trilogy that was planned for the future.

But unfortunately the movie has never been premiered and it was abandoned. You can still find traces of it if you look online and you can see that the website and everything related to this movie is abandoned. Not just that it was not premiered, but the movie was also never finished and you must be wondering by now, why?

The public was let known to believe that the producers have run out of money but the real reason is completely different. After some time it was known as the forbidden movie and people believed that it was banned and censored for some very important reasons.

The creator and the director of the movie are not very famous and only has few movies in his career. In an interview, he opens about the story and the forbidden movie. He has admitted that he is a fan of the stories of Zecharia Sitchin who translated Sumerian texts and who claimed that the Sumerians had contacts with extraterrestrials.

She believed that because of that contact they became the world’s most intelligent and advanced civilization. There are even proves that the Sumerians were great at agriculture as well as astronomy.

Other scientists totally disagree with her and denied all the connection between the Sumerians and extraterrestrials.

This forbidden movie called Anunnaki would be a film based on true events. Researchers believed that a movie such as this one would only spread an unproven propaganda all over the world and may ever create panic among the population. These are the main reasons why the movie was brutally closed and it did not run out of money!

Video 1:


Half-Reptile, Half-Mammal Fossil Discovered In Utah

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New fossil set to challenge current understanding of Cretaceous period timeline.

A surprising discovery has been made in Utah in the form of a fossilized skull. Found near Arches Park, on the Bureau of Land Management property, the remains are an important find due to their antiquity, coming in at approximately 130 million years old, and also due to the fact that they belong to a creature that is half reptilian and half mammal.

This particular creature’s skull weighs about two and a half pounds. It has been named Cifelliodon Wahkarmoosuch, and it has somewhat feline features and molars for plant consumption. It is said to lay eggs but provide sustenance for its offspring in the usual mammal way.
Adam Huttenlocker, leader of the research undertaken on the skull, reports its discovery is important as it offers new information of mammal-type creatures during the Cretaceous period.

Initially, it was thought that mammals of that era were pretty much uniform. But the CW demonstrates that there were in fact creatures in that early time that were able to do things similar to modern mammals such as fly, swim and have diverse abilities when it comes to food.

Another perhaps larger result of this discovery is that it may change the geological timeline for the formation of modern continents. Pangea is said to be a massive continent consisting of most of the current landforms. Originally thought to have begun its break down and slow drift towards a more modern looking globe, the CW may mean that the supercontinent started its separation about 15 million years later.

The estimation of the supercontinents prior breakdown period is largely due to the scientific evaluation of fossils. Huttenlocher’s paper was published in Nature on May 16 and suggests what is described as a “burst of evolution” in relation to mammals of the period.

“Based on the unlikely discovery of this near-complete fossil cranium, we now recognize a new, cosmopolitan group of early mammal relatives.

For a long time, we thought early mammals from the Cretaceous (145 million to 66 million years ago) were anatomically similar and not ecologically diverse.

This finding by our team and others reinforce that, even before the rise of modern mammals, ancient relatives of mammals were exploring specialty niches: insectivores, herbivores, carnivores, swimmers, gliders. Basically, they were occupying a variety of niches that we see them occupy today.”

The new fossil was found by paleontologist Andrew RC Milner but appears to have been either initially misplaced or simply unrecognized for what it was as it was transported with the remains of an Iguanodont called Hippodraco, a species that is determined to have lived in Utah around the same period as the CW. The skull was discovered beneath the Hippodraco’s foot. Currently, the fossil is on display at the Natural History Museum of Utah.


A global team of scientists will go monster hunting in Loch Ness next month

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A worldwide team of scientists plans to undertake a DNA hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. The scientists will scour Loch Ness and use environmental DNA in an experiment that might finally determine if the fabled monster does exist.

eDNA Sampling Already Established as Monitoring Tool
eDNA sampling has been established already as a monitoring tool for marine life including that of sharks and whales. When a creature passes by the environment, it always leaves small fragments of DNA from its fur, scales, skin, or feces.

The DNA is captured then sequenced, and it can be used to identify the creature that left it as it compares the sequence obtained to a larger database of all known genetic sequences that were taken from hundreds of thousands of organisms.

Munin, an intelligent marine robot, explores Loch Ness in Scotland, Britain April 13, 2016. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

The first ever record that was written about the Loch Ness monster related to St Columba, an Irish monk. He was said to have banished the monster, described as a beast that lived in water, into the Loch Ness during the 6th century.









Footage Shows Mysterious Creature In Loch Ness, May 21, 2018

A Lot of Photographic Evidence Has Been Captured of Loch Ness Monster
There have been numerous so-called photographs that prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster with the most famous of them being known as the “surgeon’s photo.” This was a photograph taken in 1934, and it revealed a head that was on a long neck coming out of the water.

It was not until 60 years later than it was found to be a hoax, using the model of a sea monster that had been attached to a toy submarine and put into the loch.

Many attempts have been made to track down the Loch Ness monster over the years. One of the most notable of them was in 2003.

One of the most recent attempts at tracking down the elusive creature was two years ago when a high tech marine drone was used. They did find a monster, but it was not the Loch Ness monster that has been talked about. The discovery was actually a replica that had been used in the movie “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes,” that had been sunk in the loch 50 years ago.

New Team Is Made Up of Scientists from UK, USA, Denmark, Australia, and France
The new team searching for the Loch Ness monster involves scientists from the UK, United States, Denmark, Australia, and France. All have expressed their keenness to take part in the expedition and said it is much more than a hunt for a fabled monster.

Finding evidence of the Loch Ness monster is at the heart of the project, but there is also a great deal of knowledge to learn about the many organisms that are in Loch Ness.

The team are hoping to document new species of life, with the emphasis being on bacteria, and said that they would provide data on the extent of new species that are invasive, which was seen in the Loch recently, including Pacific pink salmon.

Images: REUTERS/Russell Cheyne


US Government Just Admitted To Recovering Materials From UFOs

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The former Canadian defense minister has just revealed that the government in the USA knew that aliens had visited Earth to give a warning about where the planet was heading along with offering to help. However, the government issued a “shoot first and ask questions later” order as the aliens were seen as a threat.

Aliens Have Been Visiting Earth For Decades
The official quote was “Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.”

The fact that there has been official disclosure of UFOs is huge but then researchers of the phenomenon have said that they saw it coming. It was said that they had experienced campaigns of ridicule and secrecy about the phenomenon for many years. The government has been responsible for the many foolish articles that appeared constantly in publications, articles that were ridiculed, when in fact, the topic of those articles does actually exist and the government knew about it.

Today those who believe in UFOs are not ridiculed as much as they used to be. This should have raised some eyebrows as it is not very often that mainstream media will share the truth, more so when the subject it one of the most secretive in the world.

Mainstream Media is Controlled By A Small Group of People
Most of the mainstream media is under the control of a small group of people and it has been made abundantly clear that through declassified documents and whistleblowers. The intelligence agencies enjoy a relationship that is very close with just about every major wire service, TV network and newspaper and this has ensured that some of the intelligence failure stories have become intelligence success stories, along with helping to determine the accuracy of many others.

Amber Lyon, Sharyl Attkisson, and Dr. Udo Ulfkotte along with others, have given numerous examples of just what it is like to work in a media organization dominated by the government and deep state interests. This is one of the reasons why mainstream UFO disclosure has been questionable.

Military Said Objects in Our Atmosphere Are Technically More Advanced Than Anything on Earth
UFO phenomenon has been obvious to those who looked into it when taken from the research perspective. There has been a lot of research to show that UFOs are in fact real and the Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Hill Norton, said that objects in the atmosphere have been seen which are technically more advanced than anything they could deploy.

The MK-Ultra program was hidden away from the public for many years until evidence of it became blatantly obvious the government had no other choice but to disclose it. The same thing is now happening with UFOs. There have been numerous witness testimonies that have been credible along with documents that have been released through the Freedom of Information Act. Now the Pentagon has admitted to there being a UFO program does this mean that UFOs have finally being disclosed. Could it simply be a clever way to release information to conceal information that is even more important?


Is The Government Still Hiding Something?
Historian Richard Dolan, who is one of the most prominent UFO thinkers and researchers, said, “Why is the mainstream covering this story the way they are? I have been saying for years that the mainstream media, the establishment media, will never cover the UFO subject in a serious way that is until they would be absolutely pushed to the wall and then do something…So the question is, what is going on here? If they are the voice of the establishment (mainstream media), then why have the establishment elected to put this story out? “

“I’m not aware of any effort within the established media to follow up on this (pieces of the UFOs) and to find out…where this comes from…I mean nothing…So, it’s five months later, and we’re clearly not dealing with a serious effort by the mainstream media, for that reason alone…I have had information now, from a very good source, that, what they’ve recovered aren’t metal alloys, that they’re being described as meta-materials…a very different thing….The individual that I spoke with, about where did that phrase metal alloy come, did it come Luis Elizondo I was told no it did not come from him.””
– Richard Dolan

Richard explained further and said that it could be a small tidbit of the truth, which the government wants us to believe, is the whole truth. It does bring some key things that the mainstream media seems to have ignored about the recent disclosure of UFOs. Dolan said, “The best way to keep a secret is you pretend to share it, you give some information out, some genuine information, which they did, there were some significant revelations here, significant admissions, and much that was not followed up.”

He went on to make an important point, there has not been any follow up about the alleged possession of materials that were recovered from the UFO. Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Apollo 14 astronaut said, “Yes there has been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe; they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.”

Alloys Collected From Crashed UFO Had Amazing Properties
Apparently, alloys were collected from the crashed UFO and studied by scientists and they revealed that it was a compound they did not recognize and it had amazing properties. The material was said to have strange isotopic values, which gave an indication that it did not come from Earth.

A statement from former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Victor Marchetti, does not seem to hold any truth anymore. He said, “We have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extra-terrestrial beings, and the US government, in collusion with the other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public.”

It seems that finally, the truth has been revealed and the public has confirmation of something they believed to be true all along.

Listen to this interesting podcast with Richard Lawrence, Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe, discussing the disinformation on the UFO phenomena:


“Floating Crane” Found Beneath The Great Pyramid?

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There exists a smorgasbord of imaginative theories, pertaining to the original construction of many ancient sites, found all over earth.
Egypt’s Giza Plateau being the melting pot and often the site of initiation, for many an astute researcher.

A realisation of not only the megalithic anomalies, but also the academic ignorance.
As we have previously mentioned, a discovery first shared here upon our channel, enormous granite stones exposed on the east side of Cheops, has not only revealed the size of the original blocks, but the extensive erosion upon them.

This fact is a highly controversial piece of evidence, the stones which are clearly more modern casing stones, conceal what were already highly eroded blocks, masterfully covered later on in their lives.


Source: Mystery History

Mia Khalifa Calls Police to Surrender Her Gun: ‘It Doesn’t Make Me Feel Safe Anymore’

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Gun control is now something that has people divided into the United States. With shootings in schools becoming a more frequent occurrence many people are growing concerned.

There are some people who try to stop violence by handing in weapons, but there are many people who cannot see why they should give something up they have paid money to purchase. Police officers have given up personal firearms, and now there might be the same trend by porn stars as Mia Khalifa has given up her weapon.

Khalifa Retired from Porn When She Received ISIS Death Threats
Mia Khalifa has not been under the spotlight for some time as she retired from the porn industry when she began to get ISIS death threats. She protected herself with a shotgun but following the shootings at the Santa Fe High School she called the police in Austin, Texas and told them she wanted to surrender the shotgun. Of course, as you might expect Khalifa made sure that there were plenty of photographs taken of her handing in the shotgun, along with those where she posed wearing very little.

Khalifa posted a photograph to her Instagram account shaking the hand of the police officer who arrived at her home to take possession of the shotgun. She said that the gesture was symbolic, and it was only a small gesture, but she urged people to do the same with the hashtag #DoSomething. She also gave the police a namedrop when saying that @austin_police made it easy to hand the gun in. She went on to say that anyone who wished to hand their weapon in should call the police and they will pick it up.


Khalifa Pointed Out the Gun Was Worth $1,500

Khalifa went on to say that she would donate the value of the gun, which was $1, 500 to the @everytown organization. Khalifa pointed out that she was not against the second amendment in the United States but that she was against children being killed. She said that an empty gun rack would be a small price to pay, as there are many parents out there who have to live with their child’s empty bed because of guns.

Of course, Khalifa did have to get it in that the gun was worth $1,500 and this has left many people saying that she did it only for publicity. Khalifa said that originally she had bought the weapon when she started to get ISIS death threats when she had performed wearing a hijab. She has been retired from the porn industry for a long time, and this has left people confused about the stance she has made.

Why did she only now decide to give up her weapon? Of course, there is a lot of publicity going around about the recent high school shooting, so it looks like she is jumping on the bandwagon.


Study Reveals People Over 40 Should Only Work 3 Days A Week

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The Melbourne Institute Worker Paper has published a study that shows that people over the age of 40 perform at their best when they only work for three days per week.

The study involved 3,500 women in Australia and 3,000 men also from Australia. The researchers looked into their habits of work and tested the participant’s ability to be able to recite lists of numbers along with reading out loud.

In the first half of the test, they looked at the thinking part of the person’s ability, including memory, abstract reasoning, and executive reasoning. Along with this, they measured what was called the knowing part of the person’s ability.

Cognitive Performance Improved In People Working 25 Hours A Week

The conclusion by the researchers was that the cognitive performance of the people who took part had improved when the person worked twenty-five hours a week. However, performance had been reduced if they worked fifty-five hours a week and this was put down to effects brought on by stress and fatigue.

Colin McKenzie, a professor at Keio University and one of three authors of the study said that the level of intellectual stimulation depended on the working hours. He said that while work is a sword that has a double edge stimulating brain activity, when working for more than forty hours a week it could result in fatigue and stress and that could have an impact on cognitive functions.

Working Part-Time Helps People Maintain Cognitive Functioning In Middle Age
He went on to say that differences in working hours does play a huge role in people being able to maintain cognitive functioning middle-aged and elderly adults. This meant that working part-time might help middle-aged and the older generation to maintain cognitive ability.

Working over thirty hours per week could have a negative effect on the brain health of middle-aged adults. McKenzie went on to say that working forty hours per week, which would be classed as full-time work, is more effective when it comes to maintaining optimal cognitive functioning rather than not working at all. However, he said it didn’t maximize positive effects of work.

McKenzie said that perhaps the results of the study would vary depending on the country the study was taken in. He admitted that it was difficult to control the factors that do contribute to the results of studies of that kind, including the choices of the type of work undertaken and the amount of hours worked.

So all in all the study revealed that working full time, 40 hours or more, can negatively impact the brains of those who are over the age of 40.


We Never Meet Anyone By Coincidence: The Six Types Of Cosmic Connections

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They say that things happen for a reason in life and that no one that we meet is ever an accident. Everything in life has a meaning and leads us to where we need to be in life. People we meet show us things and can start a chain reaction in our lives much like the butterfly effect.

1.) Everyone Who Enters Are Lives Teaches Us Something

All the people we meet who comes into our lives teach us something, and we learn from them on many different levels. Some people might come into our lives and try to tear people apart while others grow with you and make you a better or stronger person. There are six different types of cosmic connections with people, and they are listed below.

2.) People Who Come Into Your Life to Remind You

Some people come into our lives to remind about something that is important. These people have the ability to be able to evoke knowledge from deep inside and give help in understanding what is happening. People such as this come into a person’s life at their time of need and thanks to them we are able to better understand the person we are and who we are supposed to be.

3.) People Who Help Others Grow

Some people come into our lives to help others grow, and they are teachers of the soul. They help a person to become better versions of themselves and are always there when they are needed most.

4.) People Who Are There to Stay

Some people come into the lives of others and then go on to remain a part of their life forever. These people tend to be support systems to rely on at times when they are most needed. The bond with these people is usually very strong, in fact much stronger than someone might imagine.

5.) People Who Hold Space

Some people venture into the lives of others for only a moment in time. These are people who only pass by in your life, but even though you only briefly meet, you feel less alone. You might only manage to share just a few words with these people or perhaps only just give them a glance. However, these people are able to affect your life when you need it the most.

6.) People Who Are Meant To Leave

Some people come into our lives, but they are not meant to remain in our lives for very long. People such as these are sent to you to learn from them. However, bear in mind that the experience you need to learn may not be a positive one. People such as these include those who come into your life and make you fall in love with them and they then go on to break your heart.


Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Psy-Operation Plan Class-Action Suit

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The families and survivors who were affected by the CIA’s MK-Ultra brainwashing experiments are getting ready for taking out a class-action lawsuit against the government and Quebec.

The Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse Is Made Up Of Victims and Family
One survivor, Gina Blasbalg, demanded the government to make an apology and asked that they recognize the injustice that had been done to those who were subjected to the experiments, without their knowledge.

The Survivors Allied against Government Abuse, also known as SAAGA, on Facebook, is made up of family members and victims of Canadians who were subjected to the experiments. Dr. Ewen Cameron was the psychiatric director of the hospital from the 40s to the 60s.

During the duration of the program, Cameron was said to have taken part in psychic driving and de-patterning experiments with the aim of erasing the memories of the patients. The doctor even tried to reprogram the patient’s memories with new thoughts.

The Canadian Government Spent $500,000 in Funds, CIA Also Funded Project
The government in Canada funded the experiments to the tune of around $500,000 between 1950 and 1965. The CIA also gave sizeable funds to the experiments undertaken by the doctor. The Project MK-Ultra was undertaken at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. It was fronted by an organization with the name of the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology.

The patients who were experimented on were said to have health issues that were insignificant and included anxiety and depression. In some of the cases, the patients were given PCP and LSD and the doctor medically induced them into comas for periods that were extended. These patients were then subjected to listening to sounds or looped noises. The patients were also subjected to electroshock and sensory deprivation.

Ellen Aikin told about how her mother Emma Jane Crunican was one of the subjects in the experiments undertaken. She revealed a photograph of her mother on a bed and said she had been in the Sleep Therapy program in Montreal during the 1950s. Her father was also in the experiments. She went on to say that, her sister went insane in the 1980s and her brother passed away at the age of 19.

Mk-Ultra Girl Speaks Out

Patients Mother Said It Took Her Years to be Able to Read Mothers Medical Records
Angela Bardosh is the mother of Nancy Layton who was at the Allan Memorial Institute, and Bardosh had a note from her mother saying, “They destroyed many parts of me. I’m lucky to be alive.” Bardosh went on to say that, her mother was originally taken to the facility as she suffered from depression when she was a teenager.

Her mother was in the institution for six months and was a subject of the MK-Ultra program. This was where she developed schizophrenia, and it went on to ruin her life. Bardosh said that it was horrific to go back and it had been extremely emotional. Bardosh said that for her it was personal and it took numerous years for her to be able to read the medical records of her mother.

Quebec Superior Court Will Need to Give Approval for Class-action Lawsuit
The families and the survivors of the experiments of Project MK-Ultra have now grouped and revealed they will be putting forward a massive class-action lawsuit against both the federal government and Quebec. It was said “A class-action lawsuit to sue the Canadian government, maybe also the Quebec government and the Allan Memorial Institute. It would first have to be approved by the Quebec Superior Court, which could take four to six months.”

The Canadian Justice Department said that George Cooper had in 1986 made an inquiry into the MK-Ultra project run by Cameron and concluded that Canada did not have a legal liability or moral responsibility in respect of the experiments undertaken.

The Truth about the CIA MK-Ultra Project Might Finally Come Out
The CIA did put an end to the mind control program that had been kept secret during the 70s. Now it is clear that the governments in the west suppressed the information about the experiments in the program.

The class-action lawsuit could be what is needed for the truth to come out about the program and for the secrets to being finally unlocked.


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