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The truth about Organism 46b

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Paranoid Times seeks to expose the evil conspiracies and dirty little secrets of those who hold power as well as to investigate strange and fringe events around the world. As a group member, I ask you to see past the veil of society, use social media, the Internet as well as your person to hunt and find events and facts that need to be examined and explained.

Please no spam or porn post unless they are part of a topic needed to be looked at. When you post something please be ready to help prove are disprove your post, remember this is a collective of people that wishes to see truths, with the use of discussion and science.

“Believe the Unbelievable.” If anyone ever needed a believer, it’s me. Keep in mind we write and post Conspiracy fiction!


Source: Paranoid Times

Anonymous: Russia Reveals Antarctica Is Not What We’re Being Told

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In this anonymous message, we get more info about the ancient aliens, the pre-human civilization that lived before us, the bio-engineered humans, human hybrids, the discovery of organism 46b.

It seems that the mankind was engineered by the ancient builder race, then they hid in the hidden continent that lies underneath Antarctica.

This anon message touches sensitive topics about a few alien races: Reptilians, Nordics, Sumerians and Anunnaki.


Source: What They Don’t Want You To Know

40,000 Year Old Ancient Discoveries Prove Conventional Civilization Chronology is Wrong

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Earth has been home to ancient civilizations far greater in number — and far older — than orthodox researchers could have imagined. This research revealed that the Sphinx is actually thousands of years older than previously supposed, a discovery that upended the standard history of ancient Egypt.

There are many more fascinating ancient discoveries that are proving these theories correct, such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and Gunung Padang in Indonesia. There is some evidence that dates back to 40,000 years ago.

Earth’s long, catastrophic history has obscured and obliterated evidence of lost civilizations. But the traces remain for those who know where to look and what to look for. If you do you will find a lost civilization dating back to at least 10,000 B.C. Looking at linguistic, geological, and archaeological evidence from around the world, this presentation proposes an outline of prehistory that differs markedly from our received wisdom–after all, if the Lascaux cave paintings really are star maps, then we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.



10 Of The Most Mysterious Discoveries Made On Earth

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The history of our planet is full of incredible mysteries. The more we search and research, the more mysteries we uncover. And despite the fact that archaeologists and scientists work hard to figure everything out, we know very little about our past.

As Best Selling author Graham Hancock has said, we are a species with amnesia.

Proof of this are the countless discoveries that have been made throughout the years, which question our beliefs, the 4 fundaments of society, and capabilities of ancient civilizations.

Here, in this video, we bring you some of the most inexplicable, and history-challenging discoveries that have been made on Earth.


Source: strange things|youtube

Philadelphia Experiment – The Real Story Here

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The Philadelphia Experiment is an event during 1943 in which the United States Navy purportedly teleported a Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, from Philadelphia to Norfolk. They also made it invisible – as in, to the naked eye. Most people believe the incident was either a hoax or the ravings of a lunatic, however, some still believe that it may have really occurred and that there is a large conspiracy to cover it up. What is interesting is that the tale of the Philadelphia Experiment has made it into the annals of American legend. So, what’s the real story?

VIDEO is at the end of the article.

The story of the Philadelphia Experiment begins in October of 1943 in Norfolk, Virginia, though the story did not turn up until more than ten years later. Purportedly, some men aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth saw a ship spontaneously appear in the water in Norfolk on October 28. The story goes that it came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The destroyer had first disappeared and then it instantaneously teleported to Norfolk. The disappearance and the teleportation were apparently two different functions of the experiment. In other words, the disappearance was not the result of the teleportation, but rather came before it.

Once the USS Eldridge reached Norfolk, it was clear something went wrong. Some of the men had disappeared during the trip. Others had gone mad. Some kept becoming invisible and then regaining their forms. Others still had become fused — yes, fused — with the ship in various ways. Perhaps that is why no U.S. ships currently have invisibility cloaks and teleportation devices. It could also be that the story is completely false.

The story of the Philadelphia Experiment comes from a man named Carl Allen or “Carlos Allende,” his pseudonym. Carlos wrote a detailed description of the event, along with claims he was a witness aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth when the USS Eldridge arrived in Norfolk, Virginia. He sent the description to the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research. The public got hold of the story and it took off, despite the many unlikely events described in the letter.

Carlos Allende wrote that the Philadelphia Experiment was made possible by Einstein’s “unified field theory.” Einstein supposedly told Carlos all about it himself. This is not direct proof that the story is mere myth, but it does lend a bit to the crazy factor of the claims. Firstly, it is common for such myths to borrow from the genius and fame of great scientists. Oftentimes, it is easy to refute these myths because the works of great men are typically followed closely. There is no evidence that Einstein ever met Carlos Allende and there is no evidence that his work resulted in a disastrous teleportation.

The USS Eldridge, like most other Navy ships, especially in war times, had a thorough log of where it had been in October of 1943 and the months around it. These logs are currently public information. According to them, the ship was nowhere near Philadelphia in October 1943. The SS Andrew Furuseth was also not in Norfolk at any time the Eldridge was present. Furthermore, William S. Dodge, the man in command of the boat at the time of the Philadelphia Experiment, later said that neither he nor any of his crew saw anything strange in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Office of Naval Research conducted an investigation. They did not find any evidence that the U.S. Navy was conducting experiments in teleportation. Of course, rendering ships invisible or stealthy is always an interest, but that pertains to radar, not to the human eye. As far as the U.S. Navy is concerned, no such technology exists.
In 1994, Jacques Vallee wrote an article about the Philadelphia Experiment. He had written about it before and, at that time, had requested that anyone who might have more information contact him. Someone did. Edward Dudgeon had served as an electrician in the Navy between 1942-1945 on the USS Engstrom. He said the Engstrom was in Philadelphia during the summer of 1943. The nature of his job allowed him access to the classified nature of the equipment aboard his ship and the USS Eldridge.

Far from being teleportation engines designed by Einstein (or aliens), the devices enabled the ships to scramble their magnetic signature using a technique called degaussing. The ship were wrapped in large cables and zapped with high-voltage charges. A degaussed ship wouldn’t be invisible to radar, but would be undetectable by the U-boats’ magnetic torpedoes.



The Dark Secrets Behind The Pope’s (Giant Reptilian) Audience Hall

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The design of the Audience Hall of the Pope is shocking when you actually realize what the design of it reveals, the face of a snake.

The Audience Hall which is also called the Paul VI Audience Hall or Hall of the Pontifical Audiences is partially in Rome and partially in Vatican City.

The hall was built by Pier Luigi Nervi from Italy in 1971. The hall has to seat for 6,300 people and in it is a statue made of bronze called La Resurrezione, which was designed by Pericle Fazzini.

Pope’s Audience Hall: A Serpent God Temple?

What Makes The Design Of The Building Stand Out?

There does not sound anything remotely interesting about it all for those who are not followers of the Pope. So what it is that arouses interest and makes the design of the building stand out? Let’s talk about what is less strange to start with and then go on to the progressively weirder.

The architect designed the building with reinforced concrete and Nervi was known too for his practical designs that would be strong and which were built to last. There is the curvature of the building when looking down on it from above, and this might seem to be unassuming from the exterior. However, it does relate to the strangeness of the building.

Compare The Head Of A Snake With The Overall Exterior
The image below shows the building from the exterior and above, and it is compared with the shape of the head of a snake. Take a look at the shape overall, it is wide towards the back, narrower and rounded at the front, had two eye shapes in the middle, nostril at the front and a top that is curved, coming up from the front and down towards the back.

Two windows on either side of the building are what represent the eyes, and these were designed in stained glass and placed around halfway down the length of the building on both sides. There is what seems to be a slit in the middle of the window, or eye, which gives the appearance of a reptile’s eye.

Things start to get even stranger when both of the windows are viewed from inside the building. You can then begin to see that there are two reptilian eyes that are staring back when you look down towards the stage.

Two Reptilian Eyes, Sharp Fangs And Scales
Once you have seen the eyes in the design, allow the glance to wander down to the center onto the stage. There is a statue in the middle of the stage, and on both sides of this, there are two sharp and pointed fangs in white, coming down, while the roof of the building and the sides look like scales.

When you pull away and are given a long look down the walkways towards the stage, the hall takes on a presence that is even more menacing. The eyes, the curvature, scales and fangs all give the hall a look and the feel of the face of a snake.

Statue Shows Christ With Head Shaped Like Snake
In the center of the stage taking pride of place is a statue of Christ who is said to be rising from the atomic apocalypse. The statue was placed there in 1977, and there is something very unusual about the head of Christ. It is difficult to see when looking at the statue from the front, but from the sides, it looks like the head of Jesus is a snake.

If there was only one side of the head that gave the impression of a snake it could be called nothing more than a coincidence, however, it looks like it from different angles, and this is something that cannot be ignored. The statue must have been designed to look that way and it the planning and thought behind it would have been immense. There is also an obvious reason for the imagery.

The big question is why would a building be constructed in such a way that suggests the Pope is taking out of the mouth of a snake? There are seven different pieces that make up the snake or reptile symbol, if it were just one or two, then skepticism would have a place, but all seven of the pieces fit together perfectly and tell us that the design was intentional to look like a snake. So why does the symbolism of a snake exist?

Audience Hall Of Pope Linked With Deep State
Research has revealed that there is a Deep State that governs the world. This is a group that is made up of people that are beyond national identity, and they have control over the whole of the world. It has been said for a long time that extra-terrestrial influence has played a part. However, this is not all aliens, just the reptilian race. The reptilians have worked to influence planet Earth.

Now, this might sound very out there to many people, but there is actual evidence for the reality of aliens than people could imagine. There is a great deal of evidence that a Deep State has control over things. So it might be possible that the two realities are linked together, and the reptilian race could be working with the governments.

Reptilian Alien Race Influence Deep State
Government officials have stated that they know about aliens, even though they haven’t revealed it publicly. The Defense Minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer, said that they did an investigation for three years and decided with certainty that four different species of aliens have been visiting Earth and they have done for many years.

The government’s knowledge about aliens is immense, and there have been whistle-blowers who have revealed this fact many times. The reptilian influence over the theory of the Deep State is not something that is new as it can be found in many cultures and traditions. David Ike has popularized it and been ridiculed for it, but there are millions who believe in his work.

But why is the symbolism used in the Audience Hall of the Pope? David Wilcock, a long-time occult researcher, said in an interview that the Illuminati or Elite must convey their true intentions to humanity. This is something that manifests itself during mass sporting events and in many symbolisms found in society along with various industries such as music and film.

The Pope Speaks Out Of The Mouth Of A Snake
When you start to think about what the design of the Audience Hall of the Pope is saying, it is clear that the Pope is talking from the mouth of a snake. He stands in front of that mouth and talks the words of the Elite to those who listen. The Elite are telling us through symbolism that this is what is happening.

Many researchers have told us that Christianity and other religions control the masses. Religious stories are said to have some truth and convey messages that are helpful, but the overall purpose of them is to lead people into relationships with a spirit that disempowers. Religion is designed to take away power and control people.

Whether you believe this or not there is no denying that the Audience Hall of the Pope has the design of a snake head and the Pope stands at the front and centre when delivering his talks.


All Found Murdered! Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines

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A number of holistic doctors in Florida, over 60 of them within one year, who have been found, killed or dead all have one common denominator. They had all found out that an enzyme protein was cancer causing and the protein with the name of Nagalese had been added to vaccines that had been given to humans and this is something that has been happening on a global scale.

Doctors Were Said To Be Getting Ready To Reveal Findings
Nagalese is said to be an enzyme that stops vitamin D from being produced in the body and so stops the natural ability of the body to kill off any cancer cells. It is also a protein that is created by cancer cells and can be found in high concentrations in children with autism. It was revealed that it has been put into vaccines.

Nagalese affects the immune system as it disables it and it has also been known to be the cause behind Type 2 diabetes. It was said that the doctors who discovered this were not being killed because they had found a cancer cure or were treating autism successfully, but they were killed because they had researched and found evidence that vaccines that had been injected into children had been causing cancer and autism crisis.

The doctors who had researched and who had been collaborating in Florida were said to have been getting ready to reveal their findings to the public.

Video Clip Emerged Following Show Being Taken Down
A 19-minute video clip has been put online with a lot of important information being said during the first 10 minutes of the video. The speaker in the video is Dr Ted Broer and he breaks the information about Nagalese in the video and he goes on to explain the findings of the doctors. Broer had broken into The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and it took an hour to get him on air as the show, which typically lasts three hours, had been taken down and all the lines they had tried to use kept on being disconnected, then servers were brought down. An hour later they connected with Dr. Broer and one of the first things he was heard saying was that he was not suicidal. It was said that he had been frightened that he would be taken out Hastings style before getting the opportunity to say what he had to say publicly. The short clip is him telling the story.

It was alleged that on three different dates in one month two doctors died on the very same day, which means six doctors in total who died in pairs over three different days. Many skeptics rolled their eyes at the first few deaths believing it to be no more than coincidence that they had all been doctors. There were many deaths that were unsolved murders, more were alleged to be suicides and many of the deaths are under investigation. The majority of the doctors had been holistic and all them were said to have cared very passionately and deeply about health.


4000 Year Old Ancient Computer Disc Has It’s Purpose Finally Been Discovered?

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So did you know our ancestors from almost 4,000 years ago used disks to store information, just like we do with our CDs today? And even more important is the fact that one of these disks – known to us as the Phaistos Disk may have finally been decoded.

This is rediscovered prehistoric knowledge and a system of super elegance that was lost before Moses reached the Promised Land.

Here we pursue and resolve the obscure riddle of the Phaistos Disc and reveal an amazing truth: that Minoan Bronze Age man had a level of knowledge to match that of 20th-century Europe.
Their mathematics was ahead of the Greeks and to this day we use a unit of their measure: the Nautical Mile.

Here we demonstrate that Bronze Age man knew the world to be round, and that he could measure its circumference to within hundreds of metres!



Remarkable Giza Pyramid Discoveries Reveal an Ancient Secret, Hidden for 1000’s of years

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What purpose did these massive ancient pyramid structures, one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken, serve? Why were they scattered across the desert in a seemingly random pattern? The pyramid mystery deepened when, a researcher discovered a secret door within the Great Pyramid – a door unopened for 4,500 years.

This video will lead us step-by-step through these remarkable discoveries. It is still hailed as a historic achievement by all who are intrigued by the world’s ancient mysteries.
A revolutionary theory that explains the most enigmatic and fascinating wonder of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Egypt. An absorbing and fascinating work of archaeological detection…clearly and rivetingly told by Robert Bauval…the video is highly and compulsively viewable.



NASA Receives Response From A Spacecraft 13 Billion Miles Away

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Things have got very exciting after NASA received a response from the void. The Voyager 1 spacecraft of NASA fired its thrusters up after being inactive for 37 years. The unsuspected triumph means that Voyager 1 is once again able to communicate from more than 13 billion miles away, with Earth.

Voyager 1 is the fastest and farthest away spacecraft, and it has been the only object made by humans in interstellar space. The Voyager is capable of traveling at over 35,000 miles per hour, and this means that it travels around 900,000 miles further away from Earth each day. This is about the same as 36 times the circumference of Earth.

Voyager 1 crossed over the edge of the heliosphere, which is called heliopause and in doing, so it went into the space between the stars, a region where no other spacecraft has traveled before.

The team behind the Voyager came up with a solution that was somewhat unusual, and this was to try and give the job or orientation to thrusters that had remained unused for 37 years. The chief engineer said that the team had looked into data that was decades old and taken a good look at the software that had been coded in an assembler language that was out-dated, in order to safely test the thrusters.

Four of the thrusters were fired up by engineers, and they waited for test results to travel space, something which took 19 hours and 35 minutes to get to the antenna of the Deep Space Network of NASA in California. Much to the amazement of the engineers the test was a success. The team from Pasadena in California can now use four backup thrusters that have been sleeping since 1980.

The team got more and more excited with each of the milestone tests of the thrusters, and there was a mood of joy and incredulity when the team saw the thrusters start up as if it is was only yesterday they went to sleep. The team said that with the thrusters working they hoped to extend the life of Voyager 1 for another two or maybe three years.

It is thought that the thrusters test went so well that another similar test is going to be made on the TCM thrusters of Voyager 2. Voyager 2 is thought to be entering interstellar space in the next few years.


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