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Remains of Ancient Extraterrestrial Laboratory Discovered in China

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Thirteen years ago, a group of Chinese researchers located and explored an ancient structure so unusual that an extraterrestrial hypothesis was promptly taken into consideration.

The fascinating ruins were discovered in the remote wilderness that makes up most of the intersection between China’s Qinghai province and the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Throughout history, humans have seldom settled in this harsh and inhospitable area. Only occasionally, migrant herdsmen pass through the mountainous regions to the north.

No industrial facilities can be found in the zone, much less the remnants of civilizations with advanced metalworking capabilities.

Despite this, atop a rocky ridge called Mt Baigong lies a pyramid-shaped ruin with three triangular entrances. Two of them are collapsed but the remaining one leads into an artificially-dug cave going deep into the heart of the mountain. Embedded in the cave walls and floor are hundreds of ancient metal pipes, arranged in what appears to have been a sophisticated network of unknown purpose and origin.

The rusted pipes range from toothpick-sized to 1.5 feet in diameter and connect the cave to nearby Toson Hu, a saltwater lake 300 feet away. On the northern shore of Lake Toson, erosion exposed hundreds more of these archaic ducts. This detail led researchers into believing whoever built the pipework either used it as a drainage system or as a way to pump saltwater from the lake.

Baffled by the complexity of the network of pipes, the researchers took samples of the strange metallic tubes to the Beijing Institute of Geology for analysis. That’s when they had their biggest surprise.

Making use of a process called thermoluminescence dating, the scientists were able to analyze the pipes’ crystalline structure and determined they had been subjected to extreme heat approximately 140-150,000 years ago. In other words, the pipes had been smelted long before humans started dabbling in metalworking. An advanced civilization building complex structures 145,000 before us? Could it have been alien?

The chemical analysis revealed even stranger details. The pipes had been smelted using a strange alloy composed of 92% common metals and minerals like ferric oxide, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide but it also contained 8% unknown materials. This intriguing aspect did not prove the pipes were out of this world but it did pave the way for speculation.

Unable to identify the exotic 8 percent, researchers turned to the remaining constituents and discovered another puzzling aspect: the pipes contained a proportion of silica that is specific to Mars.

The news fell like a bomb, the story quickly went viral and people started flocking to Mt Baigong to gawk at the anomalous artifacts. They even erected a monument with a satellite dish on top, a direct reference to the efforts to contact extraterrestrial civilizations.

As a consequence, the Chinese Government closed off the area and posted guards at the entrance to the cave. This attitude is highly suspicious, to say the least.

Skeptics say the Baigong pipes are nothing more than fossilized tree roots that somehow got lodged in sediment, hardening over the years and eventually becoming the unusual structures that stumped everyone. If this is the case, why would the authorities step in and have the military guard the site?

This situation led conspiracy theorists to believe Mt Baigong was once visited by an advanced extraterrestrial race, possibly originating from Mars. For whatever reason, they constructed an artificial pyramid on top of the mountain, housing what appears to have been a laboratory. This theory is intriguing for a number of reasons.

The entire area surrounding the mountain consists of wide expanses of flat terrain that would have been an ideal landing site for large spacecraft. The mountaintop makes for a perfect vantage point one could use to oversee landings and takeoffs.

Recently, mineral explorations have shown the area contains various ore deposits. Any industrious civilization, no matter how advanced, could see the utility of extracting and managing these resources. In order to do so, they would have needed some type of energy source and that is where the pipes’ purpose might become obvious.

The Chinese scientists wondered why the pipes went into saltwater when another freshwater lake was even closer to the pyramid. Why the need for water containing a greater percentage of sodium chloride? Let’s examine some of our own activities and perhaps we can find an answer.

Modern chemistry and manufacturing makes use of a process called electrolysis, which basically requires passing an electric current through a solution or a molten substance. This triggers a chemical reaction which allows for the separation of materials. When water undergoes electrolysis, it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen but this only works when saltwater is used. And it’s worth noting that a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen is commonly used as rocket fuel.

Admittedly, this is all speculation but when combined, the totality of the details start painting a clear picture for the open-minded:

Scientists discover ancient artifacts that predate modern history.
Evidence suggests they were part of a much more complex structure.
Complexity of said structure suggests the presence and activity of an advanced civilization, possibly from Mars.
Government intervenes and prevents access.

This scenario seems all too familiar to overlook.

Naturally, some have claimed the Baigong pipes are nothing more than a hoax. Unfortunately, this proposition seems to ignore the facts. The Chinese Government is well-known for its attitude towards those who sabotage the country’s image in the eyes of the rest of the world. It would have taken measures to punish those responsible for spreading false information rather than occupying the ancient pyramid.

Whatever the truth behind this perplexing discovery might be, one thing is certain: it doesn’t seem to fit in any of our traditional textbooks.


Giant Floating Alien Entity Takes The World By Surprise

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The gigantic humanoid was spotted floating menacingly over a shopping mall in Kitwe, Zambia’s largest city. With a population of over half a million, you can be sure the strange alien being was witnessed by many pairs of eyes.

Panic immediately ensued, with hundreds of locals running away in fear. Others were more spiritually-inclined so they immediately started worshipping the alien entity as if it were an act of God.

Estimates place the size of the apparition at around 330 feet (100 meters) in length and it remained visible for over half an hour. The black shape appears darker and denser than the surrounding clouds, which leads us to believe this was not a freaky but natural event.

We were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes,” one witness told local press. “Some started worshiping but others ran away. It was so strange.”

A simple analysis of the images reveals one thing: the similarity between the ethereal alien entity and humans or the humanoid form is uncanny, therefore not accidental. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the cloudy phantasm wanted to send a message. This theory is supported by the fact that the floating humanoid appeared to be looking down, meaning his attention was focused on the humans below.

We were shocked to see images that looked like a human in the clouds for close to 30 minutes,” one witness told local press. “Some started worshiping but others ran away. It was so strange.”

A simple analysis of the images reveals one thing: the similarity between the ethereal alien entity and humans or the humanoid form is uncanny, therefore not accidental. Whoever or whatever is responsible for the cloudy phantasm wanted to send a message. This theory is supported by the fact that the floating humanoid appeared to be looking down, meaning his attention was focused on the humans below.

Project Blue Beam makes for one heinous scenario and it’s no wonder people shudder at the mere thought of something like that happening. If these photos are proof the gears of Project Blue Beam are already in motion, well… that’s really bad news.

On the other hand, the photos could be fake or the result of some kind of publicity stunt, so don’t go running for the hills. Not yet.


Valiant Thor, The Benevolent Alien With An IQ Of 1200

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Val Valiant Thor, lived as a stranger at the Pentagon for 3 years interacting with President Eisenhower and Vice President at the White House and Air Force military brass. This video explores the conspiracy theories surrounding Val Thor’s Pentagon tenure.

Dr Stranges Phd and the longest running UFO story in history.

Dr Frank Strange is best known today for his best selling work ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ which was first published in 1967. His book captured the imagination and sparked one of the longest running mythologies relating to the UFO phenomenon amd hollow Earth in his history. If his sensational story is true, as many people believe it is, then it strikes an entirely new perspective on the history of 20th century America.

Dr Stranges always struck rather a curious figure in UFO circles. He was a dedicated UFO hunter and a freelance private investigator who apparently never had any trouble accepting the veracity of extra-terrestrial activity. At the same time, he was an evangelical Christian preacher and the founder of a group called the International Evangelism Crusades. According to Dr Franke, it was this unusual combination of beliefs that marked him out as the natural messenger for some very important otherworldly information.

Dr Stranges claimed that at some point in 1958, he came into the possession of a photograph of a space alien named Val Valiant Thor and his second in command, a female named Jill. Dr. Stranges showed off the image at UFO conferences and claimed that Val Thor and Jill were extra-terrestrial beings from planet Venus. This behavior attracted the attentions of the authorities, and eventually, Dr. Stranges was contacted by a Pentagon insider called Nancy Warren who told him that, astoundingly, Val himself had requested a personal meeting.

Naturally, Dr. Stranges was more than happy to accept the invitation and met with Valiant Thor. Val informed him that he and his three person crew had arrived on March 16th, 1957 in a town called Alexandria in Virginia. After Nancy Warren and Frank Strange landed in Alexandria, they are said to have met with two police officers who quickly transferred the information they were telling them onto the Pentagon. The four extra-terrestrial beings would then go on to meet with Neil H McElroy, the Secretary of Defence at the time, and following that, President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. It is believed that for a significant period after this meeting, Val and his team met with the senior politicians and Air Force commanders on numerous occasions and gave them advice on policy and dealings with other extra-terrestrial beings.

According to Val Thor, there was a particular reason why he had chosen Dr. Stranges to meet with and tell his story to, and that reason was Dr. Stranges’s devout Christian faith. Val informed Dr. Stranges that the Bible was a representation of the truth but that Jesus Christ was not a human being but rather an space alien. He claimed that he had wanted to preach this news on Earth but that he had been dissuaded from doing so by the senior politicians of the day. However, Val told Dr. Stranges that this disappointed had not stopped him from continuing with his mission to preach the Galactic word of Jesus Christ which continues probably to the present day.


Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery: Noah’s Ark Was A PYRAMID And Noah Was Egyptian!

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The Holy Bible is filled with stories and texts about prophets and their journeys. Some of these stories are filled with extraordinary situations that can only be interpreted as otherworldly. We hear about prophets who speak to angels, demons, and even God.

These prophets have tremendous power given to them by God, like Moses which divided the Red Sea to free his people from the tyranny of the Egyptian empire.

Another story which has left Theologists and scientists scratching their heads is the story of Noah. Noah constructed a massive ark that housed countless species of animals during the deluge.

Archaeologists and scientists tried to verify the authenticity of this story several times.

But recently, experts have revealed that the Dead Sea Scrolls have some things written regarding Noah’s Ark.

The Ark was supposedly a massive pyramid and Noah was an ancient Pharaoh.

Watch the following video to know more:

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Recently A TR-3B UFO type of aircraft was filmed in Saint Petersburg in Russia. The object was moving at an extremely low speed.

Any know aircraft flying at this speed would fall to the ground. This object was defying any known laws of gravity as it was flying through the skies of Sint Petersburg.


At a sudden point in time, one of the main propulsion engines fails, and the object is forced to continue its journey without one of its main thrusting units.

The object manages to stay afloat and heads towards its main trajectory… This object shows a lot of similarities of a TR-3B. This mysterious aircraft has been spotted all over the world. Is this object of this world? It continues to famous the world with its impossible moves, and it’s mysterious lights. The T3-3B continues to amaze the world, but its technology could be already influencing it’s goal… earth…



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Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did a Ph.D. in microbiology in 1989 in the state of New York.

In 1986 he received an unexpected visit at the University of Las Vegas, the so-called “secret” government of the United States. Two of those men, in military uniform, offered to work on a top-secret project where they could put their talent to work at a maximum level.

In 1987 he began working at a Nevada State Government office related to prison parole. In 1989 he began receiving tissue samples. Burisch examined them in another place and sent the report to the place of origin of the same. In 1989 he worked on a secret project and also on the so-called “Sharp Storm”. But in 1994 he was taken to an underground place called “Century IV” which is part of Area 51, where he started working on the “Aquarium” project. There he learned that the military was in possession of ships and extraterrestrial beings. In one department there was information about beings called Orions, beings from the star system Z Reticuli. Also a copy of the agreement made by President Eisenhower, beings called P-50 and the so-called Orions.



Billy Corgan Saw A Person Shapeshift Into A Non-Human Creature

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A person transformed into something that was not human says Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan, the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins has said that he saw another person transform into something that was not human. From this, we take it that he saw a human shapeshifter or perhaps an alien.

Corgan was appearing on the Howard Stern Show when the topic of his appearance on the Alex Jones Show came into it.
Corgan Revealed He Had A Paranormal Experience

This is when Corgan made a revelation of his own about a paranormal experience that he had. He said that he did not want to add to a conspiracy but he had also had some paranormal experiences in his own life that might come under that category. He went on to say that he was embarrassed about the experience that he had and he would not give away many of the details, but he did say that he had seen a person transform into something that he could not explain.

Corgan said that he would only say that he had seen someone once undergo a transformation that he could not explain. Stern asked him whether that person had transformed into something that was not human and Corgan replied that yes he had seen it happen.

Corgan Was Vague And Would Not Give Away Many Details

Robin Quivers, the co-host of the show asked if Corgan was taking drugs at the time but Corgan said that he had been totally sober. Corgan later went on to say that the other person had acknowledged that they had transformed but Corgan refused to add in any more details about what had occurred. He then said that he was being vague on purpose.

So Billy Corgan firmly believes that he saw something that cannot be explained away by modern science. At the same time he did not actually say outright that he had seen an alien. He only said that he had seen a person transform into something that was not human. Surely this must mean that he saw an alien lifeform, what else could he have seen?

Did he see something like this?


2 More Whistleblowers Divulge Involvement in Secret Space Program

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According to a new report by an insider claiming to have worked with several US secret space programs, the complexity of the programs, technologies, and their dynamic interrelationships is far greater and more complex than anything previously revealed.
Space battle taking place right above our heads?

20 and Back is the standard phrase use to describe the tour of duty undergone by recruits into the SSP (Secret Space Program). The term 20 and back refers to the 20 year commitment that these military men and women make when they sign up to go into space — or the amount of time they are forced to serve as slaves.

There are many indications that there really is a Secret Space Program, though some of these confirmations seem too extraordinary to be true.

There are even those who say that there is a space battle taking place right above our heads, as can be seen in the article below. But maybe believing that is pushing the limits of imagination a little too much … or not:

Proof the Solar Warden Secret Space Project is Real

The Secret Space Programs Shocking True Purpose Revealed


‘Earth Must be Warned!’ – French Astronaut’s Chilling Warning Resurfaced This Week

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Claudie André-Deshays Haigneré is at the center of an enormous mystery. In 2008, the talented and highly intelligent Frenchwoman issued a hysterical warning to the people of Earth after attempting to commit suicide. No one at the time knew what the warning meant and since Dr. Haigneré has recovered she has refused to clarify the matter.
She was working on researching involving human and alien DNA

Dr. Haigneré is an extraordinarily accomplished woman who has enjoyed a storied and multi-faceted career. She is a rheumatologist and has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and certificates in biology, sports medicine, aviation and space medicine. In 1993, she traveled to space for the first time and became the first European woman to visit the International Space Station along with her husband who is also an astronaut.

After her travels in space, Dr. Haigneré entered French politics and served as a minster for Research and New Technologies between 2002 and 2004. She was also the minister for European Affairs between 2004 and 2005. Despite her efforts, while she was in office the budget for scientific research in France were cut. Disillusioned, she cut her political career short and went to work in a biology lab at the prestigious Pasteur Institute.

Sources have reported that Dr. Haigneré’s work at the Pasteur Institute was of a rather esoteric nature. Some have even claimed that she was working on researching involving human and alien DNA. After several years at the Pasteur Institute, it was widely reported that Dr. Haigneré was taken to hospital after taking a huge overdose of sleeping pills. She was conscious upon arrival but had to be forcibly restrained as she fought against doctors, screaming “Earth must be warned!” Shortly after that, she lapsed into a coma.

Immediately after this extraordinary scene, it was reported that there was a mysterious fire which has never been properly explained by workers at the Pasteur Institute which has raised suspicions that Dr. Haigneré came across something groundbreaking and deeply disturbing in the course of her research. However, if this is the case, Dr. Haigneré is not willing to speak publicly about it anymore. She has blamed her suicide attempt on ‘burnout syndrome’ and has now moved on to the directorship of the largest science museum in Europe, the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.


They Call THIS Place ‘The Center Of The Universe’ Because Of One Unexplainable Phenomenon!

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Our world is full of unexplainable things. We try our best to explain life and our surroundings by use of modern science, or when we don’t know, we can use the “act of god” clause. This location dubbed “the center of the universe” falls into that unexplainable category.

At first glance, it appears like it’s nothing special. Just an ordinary circle. However, stand in the middle of it and make a sound and it will appear as though the sound is reflected back at you amplified and from all directions.

The circle of concrete surrounded by bricks seems to act as a mysterious cone of silence because strongly enough no one outside of it can here the sounds made inside. Just the person in the middle hearing their voice reflected loudly back at them.

Legend has it that a foghorn could go off in the circle and not a soul outside of it could do here it. This truly is one of the world’s greatest mysteries!

Nobody knows why this happens. It’s a really strange phenomenon!


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