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Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Psy-Operation Plan Class-Action Suit

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The families and survivors who were affected by the CIA’s MK-Ultra brainwashing experiments are getting ready for taking out a class-action lawsuit against the government and Quebec.

The Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse Is Made Up Of Victims and Family
One survivor, Gina Blasbalg, demanded the government to make an apology and asked that they recognize the injustice that had been done to those who were subjected to the experiments, without their knowledge.

The Survivors Allied against Government Abuse, also known as SAAGA, on Facebook, is made up of family members and victims of Canadians who were subjected to the experiments. Dr. Ewen Cameron was the psychiatric director of the hospital from the 40s to the 60s.

During the duration of the program, Cameron was said to have taken part in psychic driving and de-patterning experiments with the aim of erasing the memories of the patients. The doctor even tried to reprogram the patient’s memories with new thoughts.

The Canadian Government Spent $500,000 in Funds, CIA Also Funded Project
The government in Canada funded the experiments to the tune of around $500,000 between 1950 and 1965. The CIA also gave sizeable funds to the experiments undertaken by the doctor. The Project MK-Ultra was undertaken at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal. It was fronted by an organization with the name of the Society for Investigation of Human Ecology.

The patients who were experimented on were said to have health issues that were insignificant and included anxiety and depression. In some of the cases, the patients were given PCP and LSD and the doctor medically induced them into comas for periods that were extended. These patients were then subjected to listening to sounds or looped noises. The patients were also subjected to electroshock and sensory deprivation.

Ellen Aikin told about how her mother Emma Jane Crunican was one of the subjects in the experiments undertaken. She revealed a photograph of her mother on a bed and said she had been in the Sleep Therapy program in Montreal during the 1950s. Her father was also in the experiments. She went on to say that, her sister went insane in the 1980s and her brother passed away at the age of 19.

Mk-Ultra Girl Speaks Out

Patients Mother Said It Took Her Years to be Able to Read Mothers Medical Records
Angela Bardosh is the mother of Nancy Layton who was at the Allan Memorial Institute, and Bardosh had a note from her mother saying, “They destroyed many parts of me. I’m lucky to be alive.” Bardosh went on to say that, her mother was originally taken to the facility as she suffered from depression when she was a teenager.

Her mother was in the institution for six months and was a subject of the MK-Ultra program. This was where she developed schizophrenia, and it went on to ruin her life. Bardosh said that it was horrific to go back and it had been extremely emotional. Bardosh said that for her it was personal and it took numerous years for her to be able to read the medical records of her mother.

Quebec Superior Court Will Need to Give Approval for Class-action Lawsuit
The families and the survivors of the experiments of Project MK-Ultra have now grouped and revealed they will be putting forward a massive class-action lawsuit against both the federal government and Quebec. It was said “A class-action lawsuit to sue the Canadian government, maybe also the Quebec government and the Allan Memorial Institute. It would first have to be approved by the Quebec Superior Court, which could take four to six months.”

The Canadian Justice Department said that George Cooper had in 1986 made an inquiry into the MK-Ultra project run by Cameron and concluded that Canada did not have a legal liability or moral responsibility in respect of the experiments undertaken.

The Truth about the CIA MK-Ultra Project Might Finally Come Out
The CIA did put an end to the mind control program that had been kept secret during the 70s. Now it is clear that the governments in the west suppressed the information about the experiments in the program.

The class-action lawsuit could be what is needed for the truth to come out about the program and for the secrets to being finally unlocked.


‘Alien Bird’ Flies Across Martian Sky In Image Captured By Mars Rover

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A video uploaded to YouTube that was captured by the Mars Curiosity Rover has captured a bird-like object in the sky of Mars. Skeptics said that perhaps it was something on the lens of the camera, but the uploader said that photos that were captured straight after did not show the object. So does Mars have alien bird creatures living on it?

Bird or an Alien Spacecraft?
The strange bird-like creatures flying past in the sky could be an alien, and it is difficult to tell how far away from the Rover the object is. It does seem to have a bird or insect-like appearance, and the object is symmetrical, which does away with the theory that it might have been a rock or debris. The uploader of the video seems to be convinced that the object is alien as they said that the survival of humans might depend on being able to identify it.

The video narrator speculated that the UFO could be a bird and he made it very clear that the photo that was released by NASA could have been a fake and it might have been taken directly from the set of a Hollywood movie made on Earth.

Many People Believe Aliens Live On Mars, and NASA Knows It
The video has been causing quite a stir and up to now has received over 5,000 views. Many people said that they believe there is alien life on Mars and they say that NASA knows it.

One person pointed out that birds exist on Earth and this is proof that the Mars Rover is not actually on Mars, but it is on Earth. They said that NASA could not be trusted and was feeding people lies.

Another person said that the object was a small meteor and it had gone into the atmosphere of Mars and the Rover had captured it. They said it might have been a tiny meteorite hitting the upper atmosphere layer. It was said that it could have lit up brightly briefly and left a static charge in the atmosphere for just a short period and this is what the object captured was.

Object Seems to Move Incredibly Fast
The narrator in the video goes on to say the video is a very interesting find. The video shows RAW images captured by the Rover and the narrator says that the object must have been moving very quickly as it was not seen on the next photo in the series that was captured just milliseconds after. The object is blurry in the photo, which again suggests it was moving very fast. So was this a bird, insect or an alien spaceship that the Mars Rover captured?


This Ancient Shark Is 500 Years Old And Was Born Before Shakespeare

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A shark that was discovered in the North Atlantic is said to have been born around 1505 and this was when Henry VIII called off his engagement to Catherine of Aragon.

The Greenland shark discovered is thought to have been around since before Shakespeare was born.

Greenland Shark Might Have Been Born Around 1505
The Greenland shark is said to be the oldest living vertebrate to have ever been found and scientists have said that it might be as old as 512 years. The shark was captured by fisherman and was one that was amongst a group of 28 sharks that scientists have analyzed.

The scientists took the size of the shark into account to determine the year it might have been born and they estimated this to be as early as 1505. The Greenland species of shark is said to have a growth rate of just 1cm per year and the species is known for having a lifespan of many hundreds of years.

Experts studying the shark measured it at 18 feet in length and they used radiocarbon dating to be able to put its age as somewhere between 272 and 512 years of age. This particular shark was the oldest out of the entire group of sharks that have been analyzed by the scientists during this particular study.

Scientists Used Mathematical Model Of Sharks Eye To Determine Age

Kim Praebel from the Arctic University of Norway said that Greenland sharks can live up to 400 years. However, more recent research has suggested that the species may, in fact, be able to live a lot longer. Thanks to a mathematical model used to analyze the cornea and lens scientists have been able to predict age and they made use of the method last year to determine the age of an animal.

The Greenland shark is also called the grey shark or gurry shark and they belong to the Somniosidae family of sharks. Marine biologist Julius Nielsen was among the people who found the sharks and he said that the creature is extraordinary and it is considered to be one of the oldest animals in the world.

Last year an expert in sharks from the University of Iceland said that fish biologists have tried for many decades to determine the age and lifespan of Greenland sharks but without much success. He went on to say that as the shark is the apex predator in the Arctic waters it was unthinkable that they did not realize how long the shark lives for. The Greenland species is generally found in the Atlantic Ocean in deep water from Canada to Norway and often feed on the rotting corpses of the polar bear.

Scientists are now sequencing the nuclear genome of the Greenland shark to help them to find out why this particular species live longer than not just any other species of shark but also longer than any other vertebrates.


FBI Document: Earth Has Been Visited By Beings From A Parallel World

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The FBI have declassified an incredibly interesting consulting document which was provided to them by an unnamed leading academic which claimed that Earth was routinely visited by interdimensional beings with a peaceful mission who purportedly came from another dimension.

FBI declassifies astonishing document
The document, which has clearly been read by some individuals, many of whom have made detailed annotations, warns of the threat of attacking the alien space crafts which are referred to as ‘flying saucers’. It says that if the aliens were attacked by an aircraft, then they may respond with force which would certainly result in the immediate destruction of the human vehicle. This eventuality could lead to a number of incredibly serious consequences including public panic about interdimensional invaders.

The professor then went on to detail certain pieces of information that they had managed to glean about the alien space crafts and the reasons why the aliens had decided to visit the planet Earth. In regards to the space craft, the professor wrote that while part of the disks carried crews, other portions were controlled remotely. He also said that they possessed a form of radiant energy which would easily destroy any attacking vessel. They were also capable of materializing and dematerialising at will. The author of the piece noted that the vessels probably were not fitted with radio equipment, but it was feasible that other flying vehicles could communicate with them via radar.

He also wrote a few notes about the aliens themselves. He claimed that they looked fairly similar to human beings but that they were significantly larger in size than the average person. He claimed that they did not come from the astral plane as people tend to understand it, but rather from a different dimension altogether. He said that this dimension and the home world of the aliens was not perceptible to human beings using current technology.

While he stressed the importance of avoiding confrontation with these creatures it was also made clear that they do not pose a threat to human beings on the planet Earth. It was specifically noted that the aliens were on a peaceful mission.

It is very interesting to note that the FBI took this document seriously enough to see that it was widely circulated within the Bureau and to ensure that it was given a very high-security rating. Could this be proof that they have known about interdimensional visitors to Earth for more than half a century?

A rewritten copy of the report can be found below. (NOTE) some words in the original text are illegible due to the numerous notations and stamps.

The document, which was received on July 8, 1947, states:

This memorandum is respectfully addressed to certain scientists of distinction, to important aeronautical and military authorities, to a number of public officials and to a few publications. The writer has little expectation that anything of import will be accomplished by this gesture. The mere fact that the data here-in were obtained by so-called supernormal means is probably sufficient to ensure its disregard by nearly all the persons addressed: nevertheless it seems a public duty to make it available. (The present writer has several university degrees and was formerly a university department head).
A very serious situation may develop at any time with regard to the “flying saucers”. If one of these should be attacked, the attacking plane will almost certainly be destroyed. In the public mind, this might create near panic and international suspicion. The principal data concerning these craft is now at hand and must be offered, no matter how fantastic and unintelligible it may seem to minds not previously instructed in thinking of this type.

1. Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control.

2. Their mission is peaceful. The visitors contemplate settling on this plane.

3. These visitors are human-like but much larger in size.

4. They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world.

5. They do NOT come from a planet as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.

6. The bodies of the visitors, and the craft, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter.

7. The disks possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship.

8. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without a trace.

9. The region from which they come is not the “astral plane”, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

10. They probably cannot be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar. if a signal system can be devised for that apparatus.

We give information and warning and can do no more. Let the newcomers be treated with every kindness. Unless the disks are with-(illegible) a (illegible, illegible) with which our culture and science are incapable of dealing. A heavy responsibility rests upon the few in authority who are able to understand this matter.

Addendum: The Lokas are oval-shaped, fluted length, oval with a heat-resisting metal or alloy not yet known, the front cage contains the controls, the middle portion a laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray…


The Gate Has Opened: This Insect Seems To Be From Another Dimension

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Footage of bizarre tentacled moth goes viral.

Footage taken by a man in Indonesia has gone viral, with numerous online viewers being stricken with the mysterious insect’s terrifying appearance. The video which was recently posted online has become something of an online sensation and has gone viral after being shared more than a hundred thousand times in the space of only a few days.

Internet users across the world were terrified of the absolutely bizarre creature which despite having the appearance of an ordinary, and rather beautiful moth, also has a very unusual abdomen with what appears to be several hairy tentacles which the video shows to pulsate in a way that has been described as ‘unnerving.’

The moth is actually well known to entomologists who have come forward to say that the moth in the footage is called the Creatonotos gangis which can be found in numerous areas of south-east Asia and certain parts of Australia. Native farmers to the areas where the moth is indigenous will also be able to recognize the distinctive insect as it is known to be a minor pest which gorges itself on a diet of groundnuts, rice, ragi, sorghum, coffee, sweet potato and Lucerne crops. They have also shown a particular fondness for pomegranate trees.

But what are the bizarre tentacles for? These dangling appendages are called coremata and are actually the scent organs of the moth which they use to produce pheromones to attract potential mates. Interestingly, these coremata will only be able to develop and produce the scent pheromone if the moth feeds on plants which produce highly bitter and toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. While ingestion of pyrrolizidine alkaloids can make much larger creatures such as cows and sheep very ill, it apparently causes no harm to the bizarre little moth and actually appears to form a fairly significant part of its diet.


Alien-like lava eggs just appeared in Hawaii

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Alien looking eggs that spew out lava have been spotted in Hawaii after the volcanic eruption.

The strange egg-shaped mounds look as though they have come straight out of a science fiction movie but are the result of the lava that is still coming out of the huge volcano.

Photographer Took Time to Capture Photos of Strange Alien-like Lava Eggs

Lava can be seen at the top of the egg (Caters)

The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii is doing it’s worse after it erupted earlier on in the week. Locals in the region have been left having to deal with the fallout from the volcano, but one photographer took time out to capture the unique looking alien lava eggs that have been forming around the island.

Emissions from the volcano are slowing down, but there are some big movements from the volcano that have continued happening. One of them was measured as being an earthquake of 4.4 magnitudes. Ash plumes were seen rising high up into the air, and it was said they reached around 12,000 feet. One person said that it warmed the heart to see the true spirit of the people of Aloha during the eruption and aftershocks. They went on to say that, the relief effort has been something of a community one.


Shocking footage – Justin Bieber that appears to transform into a GIANT LIZARD

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Justin Bieber “shapeshifted into a reptilian” while greeting fans who had waited for him to arrive at Perth Airport, Australia, according to hundreds of witnesses who took to social media and were interviewed by local press after the incident.

One witness, interviewed by news outlet Perth Now, said that “all hell broke loose” in the airport after Justin Bieber shapeshifted in front of his fans. “There were girls hiding in toilets, crying. Guys were running for the exits, jumping in taxis to get out of there.”

Perth Now briefly published an article about the incident on Sunday featuring multiple interviews with witnesses, however within an hour of publication the article was taken down and scrubbed from the internet – but not before alert readers captured screenshots of the article and proof that it appeared on Google.

Perth Now has not responded to questions about why they deleted the article from their website, or if they were acting under outside orders.

It would not be the first time a news outlet or social media platform was forced to censor content relating to celebrity reptilian shapeshifting, with Twitter notorious for deleting tweets and user accounts whenever a famous figure is seen in reptilian form by members of the public.

“Golden age of shapeshifting reptilian sightings”

The Perth Now article quoted witnesses that saw Bieber with eyes “with a black stripe down the middle” and “big scaly claws that were lashing out angrily.”

One traumatized fan with tickets for Bieber’s upcoming concerts claimed she “won’t be going to any now, no way.“

Despite the removal of the article from the internet, the reptilian sightings continued the next morning, after Bieber left his $25,000-a-night Chairman’s Villa hotel room at Crown Towers and was spotted in camouflage shorts and white t-shirt at nearby Leederville skate park.


“He was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile,” said a local skater. “His bodyguard was pointing at us, shouting that he’d kick our teeth in if we didn’t put our phones away.”

There were multiple accounts of seeing Bieber with “greenish-brown claws“, and one account claiming they saw him covered in “turd colored scales,” while others claim to have seen the Sorry hitmaker in “full female reptilian form.”

“Really big, like way over six foot, slitty little reptile eyes, curves, and covered in scales.”

Experts claim Bieber belongs to the Babylonian Brotherhood – a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids determined to control the world and usher in the New World Order.

According to historians there have been sightings of reptilians around the world at regular intervals throughout history, however it is widely believed that we are now in a golden age of reptilian sightings. There is a belief that the world is gaining consciousness, waking up, and that the veil is slowly lifting.

It is said that Justin Bieber, a member of the dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline, is becoming one of the most commonly sighted shapeshifting reptilians in the world.

Two people watching the same scene will not necessarily both be able to discern the shapeshifting reptilian, however experts are saying that more people than ever before have developed the ability to witness reptilians manifest in their true form.


Source: Alien Star

The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret in Human History – Nibiru is Coming

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445 000 years ago, “creator gods” – as they call it – came to Earth. They were called the Anunnaki, which means “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”.

These beings inhabited a distant orbiting planet called Nibiru, which only entered our solar system every 3,600 years.

They describe Nibiru as many times the diameter of Earth, and abundant with iron oxide, making its rivers and lakes appear red. A side note about Nibiru: according to the Sumerian tablets, Nibiru’s atmosphere began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, and in order to restore it, the Annunaki needed one important element for their atmosphere: gold.


Source: Universe Inside You | YouTube

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