Alien-like lava eggs just appeared in Hawaii

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Alien looking eggs that spew out lava have been spotted in Hawaii after the volcanic eruption.

The strange egg-shaped mounds look as though they have come straight out of a science fiction movie but are the result of the lava that is still coming out of the huge volcano.

Photographer Took Time to Capture Photos of Strange Alien-like Lava Eggs

Lava can be seen at the top of the egg (Caters)

The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii is doing it’s worse after it erupted earlier on in the week. Locals in the region have been left having to deal with the fallout from the volcano, but one photographer took time out to capture the unique looking alien lava eggs that have been forming around the island.

Emissions from the volcano are slowing down, but there are some big movements from the volcano that have continued happening. One of them was measured as being an earthquake of 4.4 magnitudes. Ash plumes were seen rising high up into the air, and it was said they reached around 12,000 feet. One person said that it warmed the heart to see the true spirit of the people of Aloha during the eruption and aftershocks. They went on to say that, the relief effort has been something of a community one.


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